Drinks can loudness

That’s right, this is a thread about the audible volume of opening a soft drink can.

My findings are that Pepsi Max cans are at the satisfyingly subtle end, you could probably open one during a funeral and get away with it.

At the other end of the scale, I opened a Fanta Zero a while back and it sounded like Krakatoa.

I’d be delighted to hear of your own thoughts regarding this, and we may eventually be able to publish the findings in a scientific journal.


Foods can quietness

That’s a different thread.


I barely know 'er!

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got to contribute.

Down it quickly and then do a massive burp just after the curtains close.

A funeral at…the theatre?


Tell you what has a wonderfully understated opening sound, those cans of Rubro you can get at Nandos. I prefer the berry flavour but I imagine the sound is the same in all varieties.

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hate completely inexplicable drinks can carnage. Like, no shaking, or dropping, carried appropriately to my area of consumption and then BOOOSH fuckyoubuddyimgonnaexplodeeverywherehahaha. Feel so hurt and cheated, I treated you like a princess!


how do these measure

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Do you think it’s to do with the atmospheric pressure maybe? Were you at a significant altitude/depth?

Took 2 cans of beer into 3 billboards on Friday. Opened the first in the ads so it was fine but was very embarrassed when I got to can 2. Considered taking it to the bogs and opening it there but ended up just going for it, wasn’t too loud luckily.


I’m quite tall, so maybe?
Guess we’ll never know. We’ll just.never.know.

People bringing their own booze into the cinema really irks me for some reason.

Y’know what’s weird, when you open a drinks can that’s not fizzy so it just does a quiet pop. Unnerving, uncanny valley voodoo shit.

The reason is jealousy.


That’s like Rubro from Nandos, dead good.

fuck you I’m going to the gym
sorry none of this was honest^

When I was much younger, me and a mate went to see Miss Saigon at the theatre (the music department wankers had a couple of spare tickets and we got out of school early for it).

We went to the chip shop at the interval and brought in a sausage supper each and a two litre bottle of irn bru for the second half. We were never invited to any similar events again.


Don’t worry about it

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