Drinks from your youth that no one drinks anymore - non-alcopops edition



K Cider



Fruitopia, probably because you can’t get it


Holsten Pills

I mean obviously I was too young to drink these but they were all big brands as a kid and I fully expected to one day be drinking them.

I realise Pernod still exists but I have this recollection that there used to be this ULTRA YUPPIE advert in the cinemas for it with a record player and rock music, totally OTT but implying that Pernod was what you drank if you were fucking MINTED.


I have drunk all of those and believe myself to be younger than you. Although I was, of course, a massive GEEZ!



Once drank Pernod and Guinness in the same glass. Fucking rank, looking back at it.


Do I have to wait for system to do something to these? Had to wait ages for plazn’s.


I didn’t drink underage.

I have actually had Lowenbrau but then Archers still exists and is drunk. I assumed you were talking about the popularity of those drinks. Used to be a local pub to us here that had a MASSIVE sign for Skol that lit up on the front.



More recently I tried the ‘chocolate orange’ drink at a party: Guinness with a shot of tia maria and a shot of cointreau in it. It’s okay for about half a pint.


Everyone drunk under age.


Clearly not.


Well not Americans, but everyone else.



I think all of these still exist apart from the first one.


Still drink those


I am not American. I just didn’t do things that were wrong. Total straightedge but in a non-judgemental way.


Exists in the sense that people actually drink quite a reasonable amount of it.