Drinks from your youth that no one drinks anymore - non-alcopops edition


I thought you were home alone from the age of 6, it’s a wonder you didn’t have a heavy duty Cinzano habit by 10.


Holsten Pils is pretty common, no? Lowenbrau you don’t see very often, granted, which is a shame really.

Skol is definitely around in cornershops. Never had it, mind.


Can you still get this? Haven’t seen Foureck’s in ages. #Discworld


Got absolutely ruined on this at uni, never tried it again.


I guess the XXXXs are so distracting I had never really noticed the evocative picture on the front.


know people who still regularly drink:
archers schnapps


If we’re doing non alcoholic drinks then:


It wasn’t what I had in mind but what can I do? I have no power here.



Should’ve been more specific. Soz.


People say they don’t drink alchopops anymore but they just re-branded. Koppaberg is an alcho pop in all but name for example


Two separate people mentioned Beamish to me yesterday. I’ve never had it. Can you still get it?


Stop bandying about your opinions and tell us a drink from your youth that no one drinks anymore. We’re even allowing non-alcoholic.

Not quite what I was after but it will do.



I have had it but not for ages. Think you used to be able to get red and black? Not sure what the difference was.


only in ireland, i think


Rolling Rock


I had a lot of Rolling Rock T-Shirts that my parents had got free with purchases. ‘on a roll with a rock’


Still exists in the US, never knew it came over here. It’s basically the lightest, most flavourless lager in existence.


icwar, always in our hearts