drive by truckers - albums poll & discussion


spent the last few months almost solely listening to these lads, had been a fan of the isbell era stuff for a while but hasn’t gone much beyond it. properly remarkable band, I’m gonna restrict the poll options to 3 but there are 7 records that could get into that depending on which I listened to last.

  • gangstabilly
  • pizza deliverance
  • southern rock opera
  • decoration day
  • dirty south
  • a blessing and a curse
  • brighter than creation’s dark
  • the big to do
  • go go boots
  • english oceans
  • american band

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decoration day is pretty firmly my fave though. what a brilliant record.

remember talking to @bamnan about american band, and us both avoiding it because we were scared that with it being marketed as a very political record in the immediate aftermath of trump being elected it’d be a bit cringe. it’s totally not, one of the best things they’ve done… hood is one of the few guys who can write directly political songs that I don’t get hives off. guns of umpqua is beautiful.

also - anyone into adam’s house cat? been meaning to give that stuff a listen too


Big truckers fan seen them prob 10 times, will be back in this thread tomorrow to discuss at length, bit tired and drunk at moment. Fabulous band, great live.


Not letting this thread die.

To me the truckers epitomize that beauty of the American South. Some not familiar with the region will think rednecks, rodeos, coors light and while those are widely popular don’t get me wrong, its a place with a rich history of wonderful blue collar americana. Being from Athens, the Truckers utilize this to full advantage. Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley two of the greatest songwriters going today. The departure of Isbell hurt a bit, but in true Truckers fashion the band played on. From the poll above my fav 3 are below and my reasons why:

Decoration Day - While ‘Southern Rock Opera’ preceded this and saw the Truckers become a more focused, cohesive band than their previous releases (with some of the worst titles in album history), ‘Decoration Day’ was the first DBT album where they found a fan in life for me. Isbell, Hood and Cooley are regular tour de force here focusing on the dark, dark times growing up in the American South. Murder, suicide, divorce, fed up of politics all reign supreme here. Some of the aforementioned finest songwriting to date, an album I often revisit.

Dirty South - More of a focus on growing up on the wrong sides of the tracks in Muscle Shoals on this one. Drug dealing, moonshine stills getting raided, tornadoes, more dark times. You could honestly argue DBT holds the greatest consecutive 3 run album in the 21st century with ‘Southern Rock Opera’, ‘Decoration Day’ and this beauty.

**Better Than Creations Dark- ** Their first record without Jason Isbell who many thought was the driving force of this band (I always thought it was Patterson Hood), could have seem them crash and burn. Instead, Hood and Cooley take over with some of their best outlaw country ballads on this album. A welcoming addition of Spooner Oldham on the keys. We also see Shonna Tucker truly come to the forefront here. Providing great vocal arrangements backing Hood and Conley she also takes over lead on some fabulous tracks i.e. ‘I’m Sorry Huston’. Also, this album holds the Truckers greatest southern rock track on ‘The Man I Shot’. Tell me if you don’t hear twinges of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on that bad boy.

All in all, one of the greatest enduring acts going. If you have never seen them live, make it a priority. They play marathon concerts (probably seen them 8-10 times and never once was a show under 3 hours).

Also Jason Isbell’s first solo record ‘Sirens in the Ditch’ is phenomenal if you haven’t heard it.


Went through an intense phase of listening to these guys when I thought they were pretty much the coolest band going.

Gonna stick Brighter Than Creation’s Dark on now as it contains some of my fav songs of theirs, Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife is a beautiful song with devastating lyrics, always loved Daddy Needs A Drink, The Purgatory Line & Opening Act too amongst others.


I got ‘The Dirty South’ on now. Man are there some hard rocking gems on this record…


god damn. I wrote to much on my previous review and had way to many edits. Meant Brighter Than Creations Dark’ not ‘better’ :grimacing:


Been meaning to get round to these guys so this thread is timely :eyes:


Been meaning to get deeper into these guys, so this thread is timely.

(Only really know Southern Rock Opera, Go Go Boots and American Band).


I think that’s their best.


I’m onto ‘Southern Rock Opera’ now, haven’t heard this one in awhile. What a fucking belter this is…


I could listen to Zip City from that one all day.


What a tune that is. Patterson sounds like an American version of Lemmy on this record. All fuck full of bravado, whiskey and cigarettes. Fucking fantastic.


I need to spend more time with them.

my first dalliance with Brighter…, Decoration… and Dirty South was great. five or six years ago maybe? way more country than I was expecting, in a way that was actually quite a thrill, really.

I feel like I need to go for a long walk with them. really just shut everything out and sink deep into them.

got ‘Goddamn Lonely Love’ on repeat rn. always hone in on the sad songs with any band, so y’know.


oh man, I’ve got to learn this one on guitar. figure there are basic chords underlying it. just want to learn it as a vehicle for singing it.


I listened to 7-8 albums of theirs today. Highly recommend diving in. You’ll get lost in a wormhole of greatness.


yeah man. I mean, the three you said were their best, I need to revisit them. but they defs strike me as one of those bands you just end up getting pleasantly lost in.


one of my absolute faves, love to play it on guitar too, hood has got a really brilliant rhythm style, reckon you can tell which rockers are his from the first hit of a chord on the song.


Oh yeah. When you hear that aggressive southern rip of chords all in wonderful unison, you know its Patterson. I’m now onto listening to Isbell’s first solo record. Its brilliant. What a tune this is…


The Isbell songs on The Dirty South are all amazing. Love a bit of Danko/Manuel myself.