drive by truckers - albums poll & discussion


Isbell will likely never top Southeastern in his solo career. What a fucking amazing record that is.


Hmm dont believe ive heard that one. Will be rectifying that pronto.


Yup can confirm. Listening now, beautiful record.


ive only heard the dirty south and brighter than creations dark but i dont think i was really into this sort of thing at the time (roughly ten years ago) so i dont remember much. ill dive in now tho. ive heard to avoid the first two albums, does that sound right?


Pretty much, I would pick up with ‘Southern Rock Opera’ and just go from there. Three genius albums in a row from there.


yeah, there’s some really nice songs on both of them but there’s a fair bit of shite too, and the lyrics are pretty juvenile.

the living bubba is one of my favourite tunes of theirs.


learned to play this today. that Cadd9 to Cmadd9 to D change is gorgeous


this sounds good. i dont think i liked patterson hoods voice before, was my original stumbling block… but it sounds just right for me now.


and then comparing it to cooleys voice on 72 (the highways mean) and you can really hear how much more fitting and essential hoods voice is to the bands sound.


Yeah Hood’s tracks are usually my fav. Really enjoy his delivery and storytelling


I worked it out that he only wrote one bad song between southern rock opera and brighter than creation’s dark. can you guess what it is?

dunno why I’m trying to play guessing games. it this stinker


Oh I like that one


I used to love you now you suck

it stinker


Opening Act is a great one on that album though we can agree on that


yet that’s a lovely one.

think two daughters is my favourite from that album, or that man I shot


the backstory on two daughters…

friggin ROUGH…


oh Jesus I never read that. horrible.


what are the rest of the chords, dude? only basic chords on Ultimate Guitar. C to Cm is nice, but not as charismatic.


presuming you’re going off this one, think he’s got the verse and pre chorus right here except I’m always making the Cm into Cmadd9 cause it sounds nicer.

but the bridge should be
Em Cadd9 G Dsus2 A7sus4 Em Cadd9 G
Em Cadd9 G Dsus2 A7sus4 Em Cadd9 Cmadd9
and come back into the pre chorus with a full open D, not Dsus2 imo

the C/B and G/F# chords he’s got on there are just walking bass line stuff and you can ignore them if you want to keep it a bit more simple.

Cadd9 x 3 2 0 3 x
Dsus2 x x 0 2 3 0
A7sus4 x 0 2 0 3 0
Cmadd9 X 3 1 0 3 x


actually maybe the A7sus4 is just an Asus2 both sound good anyway. also sorry, this post reads a bit condescending to me now, my bad. didn’t mean to, just woke up like - that’s a good excuse.