Drive By Truckers - American Band

Not a band I see mentioned here much or on the previous boards. I’m loving the new record, as strong as anything in their back catalogue in my humble opinion. Any fans? Thoughts on the new album? Other favourite songs/albums?

I only have Southern Rock Opera, but that’s very good.

sweet! Didn’t know they had a new record out.

One of my favourite bands. Decoration Day and Brighter than Creation’s Dark are my favs.

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Amusingly some of their fans (at least they claim to be fans) have got mad over the subject matter of some of the new album (Black Lives Matter etc), they seem to be totally oblivious of the band’s history if they think DBT have never been political or championed liberal causes before.

Haha yeah I saw that, there’s a good write up about that and the album here…Drive-By Truckers' eleventh LP is the righteous, resigned album America needs in 2016 | The Line of Best Fit

Those are probably my top ones too

Great band. Been listening to Southern Rock Opera a lot recently, and getting more into Jason Isbell’s solo stuff too.

Southern Rock Opera and Decoration Day are prob my two favourites, but I also really like The Big To-Do.