Drive-in concerts: your worst nightmare come true, 2020

The next best thing to terrible festivals this summer… drive in gigs.

Here’s the bizarre lineup for the bound-to-be-cancelled/bound-to-be-giving-tickets-away drive in concert series somebody thinks is a good idea (Skindred at Leeds East Airport? The Zutons at Birmingham Arena? Ash at Milton Keynes Bowl?).

There are over two hundred gigs listed.


Skindred at Leeds East Airport will be this generation’s Johnny Cash at Folsom.


Going to tell my grandchildren about Gentleman’s Dub Club Soundsystem at Teeside International Airport.


nice bit of Zutons erasure going on there, they’re a pillar of this damn movement!

Some massive upscaling here, although Cheltenham racecourse is the place I’d normally expect to see Tony Hadley.

Weird anomaly

Who the fucking hell are Skindred, Sigala, or Braniac?

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At the Drive-in reunion drive-in show.


Skindred is a 90s metal band probably popular with a certain subsection of DiSsers
Sigala are Radio 1 friendly tropical-pop bangers
Brainiac is basically Top Gear for physics where they blow things up and Make Science Fun

Skindred are neither 90s and not really metal.

They are shite though.

Usual reminder the singers real name is Clive


I was about to reply to @anon67149139, in all seriousness, that Brainiac were a 90’s US rock band that fused hardcore punk, electronics, and funk. Admittedly I was a bit baffled at the thought of a relatively minor alternative outfit playing a drive in gig in the UK 20+ years after their singer died.


Really hoping that Cream Classical Ibiza is dodgy old Eric set to house beats.

Not that I’d listen, I just like the idea that such a thing would exist

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Wikpedia tells me Skindred were formed in 1998, probably still not 90’s tho. Keep forgetting they’re from newport.

Dizzee Rascal, University of Bolton

Sigh. Yet another Mickey Mouse degree.

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Gonna tell my kids this was Hole

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assuming a different brainiac ?


kids tv show

“Dancing round my Zafira!”


Skindread are GREAT fun live. Don’t think I’ve ever listened to their music other than when they’ve been on stage, though.


Def going to The Streets at Filton airport when the two-fiftyers pop up.