Driving to and parking at The O2

Taking the kiddo to her first concert soon and as it’s a school night and we’ll be travelling in from Bucks, I’m considering driving down so she can sleep on the way back (about 65 min drive).

What’s everyone’s experience in the car parks? How quick can you get out and what’s worse case scenario?

Reading about valet parking and you seem to shoot out of there as soon as but it’s £50. Tempting as it is, I thought I would seek other options as well.


Just been googling this for boredom - and this sounds like a good shout - “Park at Westfield in Stratford and take the jubilee line to the o2”

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(17 mins from stratford to north greenwich)

Yeah, this is where my googling started. But then I started thinking, getting out of the o2, onto the tube, off the tube and to the car is going to take at least 30-40 mins. Will that be worse than just sitting in a car waiting for a queue of traffic to leave the o2 carpark? Don’t mind spending a bit extra for less hassle. Also worried she will be quite fragile around 10:30/11pm - she’s 10 btw.

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fair points!!

We have parked there before

Fine booking and getting parked, getting out takes a good hour though of sitting in the car park - or did last time we went but there were loads of road works about which made it worse

Probably better than traipsing across an unfamiliar London with tired child though