• Can drive
  • Can’t drive
  • Can drive but haven’t got a licence!!1 bellend

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Can’t drive, won’t drive!

Have had quite a few chats on dating apps stop dead when I tell them I don’t drive.

Everyone who can drive I’m imagining you driving in that little car that Noddy drives and your head is your avatar


When travelling by car with your partner or other regular sharer of car journeys

  • Tend to do the driving
  • Tend to be the passenger
  • Fairly even split

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Had lessons at 17 but ended up fucking it off so I could afford to go to Kos with the boiz

#Kos03 #LadsOnTour


We went to Zante in 05, surprised I never bumped into you

Think 05 was Maga, mate

We all had to shoot ourselves on the thigh with a BB gun for some reason

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Fucking love driving. Genuinely. It is fun.


Alright, Donald Trump

Sure, I’m in senior year. Pop bought me a Buick when i aced math last fall


Fucking good bants that

Two types of roads I really like:

  • a good dual carriageway where you’re not really expecting it to be good. The road from Stoke to Nottingham (A50?) is lovely in this respect. Just sail along, not too busy, not many roundabouts, none of the crowds of the motorway
  • a B road with lots of nice corners, bits where you can accelerate away etc. Especially on a sunny day

I’m a driver that gets a lot of pleasure out of rigidly sticking to the speed limit and highway code, which some people love and most people hate.

worst thing about learning to drive in Spain is that you’re not allowed to use the handbrake to hill start in traffic for some bizarre reason, so never learned how to do it until like 2 years after I passed, resulting in an incident in which I hit a parked car once.


I hate how after learning to drive, you do air pedals when you’re the passenger.

  • I do this
  • I don’t do this

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still can’t get my head around it. I tried it a few times with the teacher when I was learning and she stopped me every time and said I’d immediately fail if I did that in the test, so I just learned how to start using clutch control instead.


That needs some control from someone who basically doesn’t know how to drive.

What are you supposed to do then? Just use the foot break and hop over to the accelerator in order to stop rolling back? Gives me the fear, that