Drone Racing

Fuck that shit

wow looks awsome, thanks B-Lonnerz

there was a drone racing crew at my old work.

I wasn’t invited.

Just saw this on SSN, looked like that old Wipeout game everyone would get with their first PlayStation. Something for gaming twats that the Korean/Japanese will dominate.

I still can’t hear the beginning of Firestarter without tensing up and preparing to do a turbo start.

(ok that was Wipeout 2097 but point stands)

looks… quite… cool?

looks alright but it’ll be better when someone’s riding it

used to work on stuff like this. about as lAm3z0rZ as it gets

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I’m going to gamble and agree with what you have posted.

man, I reckon I wasted a couple hundred hours on the original wipeout. we used to get high as fuck and do a time trial. if you hit any corner, you handed over the controller to the next dweeb. 45 odd seconds, if memory serves me right.

used to dream about those corners

^doesn’t know what drone means

Maybe he’s never listened to your voice?

they’d still be controlled by someone on the ground, the person the thing would just be riding along hoping they can trust whoever is flying it

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my friend had quite an expensive drone a couple years back. big thing. we used to get pissed in the park and chuck tennis balls at it. great days.

i see, nice.