What are some essential drone albums/artists/labels?
Assume i know the obvious, cheers.


drone’s been over since 2008 m8


Drone not drones


Do you prefer more electronic drone stuff?

Or more doomy guitar based stuff like Earth and Sunn O)))?


I do like the guitar based stuff but prefer electronic drone.


Cool! Well obviously there’s those two above. Amini is on a solid label called Futuresequence.

  • Growing - The Sky’s Run Into The Sea. This album came out on the label Kranky which have a lot of droney stuff on there, worth going through their back catalogue.

  • Grouper - AIA. A double album which you could say is more on the poppier side of things. The further back you go in Grouper’s back catalogue the dronier it gets, pretty much. Apart from Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill, which is more of an acoustic pop thing. Still great though.

  • Lost Trail - Nothing Is Fucked Forever. This band are a husband and wife duo that are very prolific. Check out their bandcamp for a long list of it all, but NIFF is a decent starting point.

  • Markus Guenter - Theia. A really slow and calming beast of an album. This is on A Strangely Isolated Place, another solid label.

  • Lovesliescrushing - Xuvetyn. These started in the 90s and started as a weirder more abstract shoegaze thing. Gradually became glitchier and dronier. Easiest to find their stuff on youtube.

  • Noveller - No Dreams. This is one person with a guitar, but it doesn’t sound much like a guitar at all, but in a really great way. One of my favourite guitarists at the moment.

Oh and here’s Thomas Koner’s new one. It’s pretty good I reckon:

I hope there’s something above that you like, if you hate all of it then I will be forever ashamed.


Cheers Otto. I know Grouper but will check out the others.


finally got around to checking this dude out after forgetting his name for ages. had zovlaya nyemnemna or whatever on a bit. love how it’s so minimal that it barely exists.


Love that Growing lp. The album cover sums it up perfectly


Hotel Neon’s release from earlier this year is lovely https://hotelneon.bandcamp.com/album/remnants

Alva Noto’s Xerrox vol 2 probably qualifies as drone while being a little bit different from the usual. Glorious album, that.

Ben Frost’s Steel Wound often gets overlooked compared with his more recent work, but is tremendous and sits at the intersection of guitar and electronic drone.

On a lighter drone-y note, try Taylor Deupree’s Stil. His whole back-catalogue is great.


From this year, Marielle Jakobson’s Star Core:

and Sophia Loizou’s Singulacra:


Also from previous years, love the following:

Yellow Swans - Going Places (sort of Tim Hecker crossed with drone era Belong)
Black Swan - Aeterna (dark drone with choral elements)
Lawrence English - The Peregrine (I think his best, again quite Heckerish but with a cold frosty feel to it)

Shedloads of others but not on my laptop so can’t remember what they are. Will try later…


So far I’ve checked out Noveller, Markus Guenter, Yellow Swans and Siavash Amini. Loving them all. Looking forward to listening to the others.


There are some great artsists/albums on

personal favourites are Secret Pyramid, Kyle Bobby Dunn, John Davis, Ekin Fill.

I’ll second what Otto said and worth keeping an eye on labels like Denovali, Sonic pieces, Fracture, Time Released Sound, Gizeh and Eileen Records.

Some favourites that are first to come to mind - Tape Loop Orchestra, The Humble Bee, Japser TX (aka Dag Rosenqvist), Zvuku, Hakubone, Yoshito Murakami, Black Vines, A-Sun Amissa, Chihei Hatakeyama.

Favourites from this year - Abul Mogard - Works, Dag Rosenqvist -Elephant, Paul Jebanasam - Continuum, Willamette - Diminished Composition, Saaad - Verdaillon


Some great rec’s in here. Thanks folks.


Old thread, but a friend has just done an album of drone/improv/noise stuff using guitars, pedals and amp.

I liked it, although maybe that’s because I like him too :smiley: Certainly pleasing to work to.


Students of Decay RULE.

Aquarelle’s ‘August Undone’ is a Students of Decay release and may well be my favourite drone record.

Superstorms’ self-titled LP is a tremendous piece of blistering drone - everything’s blown out until it’s mostly an ocean of beautiful hiss.

(Already mentioned) Dag Rosenqvist’s record ‘Elephant’ from last year is crazy good - moves from minimal to the point of barely existing to unbelievably loud and shattering.

Kristoffer Lo put out a record called ‘The Black Meat’ last year too which isn’t electronic but calls to mind Tim Hecker etc. a little - very good indeed. Tim Hecker himself is definitely one to look at it if you haven’t already.

I say this ad nauseum but you should listen to the shows put up on antigravitybunny.com to find out about new drone, experimental electronic, black metal, etc. - it’s great.