Drop Zone 3 please Ben

‘You’ve gone for drop zone 3, lets hope it can push those over the edge. Ohhh no, its a rider!’
‘Never mind…I’ll take clothes for 1’
‘Clothes for 1 Christine. Wellingtons are usually worn on your Feet, Arms or Arse?’
‘Is it head?’
‘No, its feet! Never mind, next category’
‘Lads mags for 1 please Ben’
‘Okay Christine, you have told us you like your grot so lets hope this is one you know. What food is the name of a lads mag? Trifle, Nuts or Crisps’
‘Is it Nuts?’
‘Yeah. Oh your counter has fallen out the machine you lost’.
‘Well I have had a lovely day’


This isnt your best work tkc.

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I’m tired

I mean you only have to look at who’s liked it so far to see the kind of level you’re operating on here.

Absolutely more than happy with that

Yeah you would be

If I was in the final and it just wasn’t going to happen with the prize counter I’d be switching drop zones left and right to just build a bit more cash and Ben would be like “what the hell are you doing, bro?”

I’d be all ‘drop zone TEN!!!’

Really mess with his mind


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