Dropping/knocking over a pint

There’s no greater shame is there?

Particularly amongst people you don’t know very well. It’s that silent look of pity and embarrassment which gets me.




Awful stuff.

Last one I dropped was at the bar at magic rock tap last year. Was packed. Securely had 4 pints in my hand and some pissed guy pushed his mate into me as I walked past. Dropped 1, smashed everywhere. Gutted

Serves you right for disrespecting alcohol to the point you’d risk carrying four at once.

I carry two max as a rule. Life’s too short.


oh man i’m going to be up all night remembering all the times this has happened now

Maybe, but only dropped that 1 in my pub going life.

Not even 3? Piece of piss. Reckon I could cycle with 3. 4 is cheeky


most of the times i’ve done it has been when i’ve had a few drinks and i’m feeling good and outgoing and i’m in the middle of trying to be funny or something and then i knock over a pint and ruin everything oh god


Depends on technique/distance from the bar/size of your hands really

Just take two over then walk back.

Sneak a cheeky spiced rum in.


asking for it now, but have never done it

Different sized glasses reduces the stability imo.

Feel that I can hold three securely. Triangle is the strongest shape.

Dropped a tray of 6 beers a few months ago. Half of the beers were for people I’d not met until that night. Not really my fault because someone backed their chair out into me and caught my foot.

Almost cried


I reckon I could carry 6 if I was in the City Arms and got old school dimpled glasses, handles and you’re only ever a few metres from the bar.

Knocked a pint of Guinness over at Ravenhill and had the added shame of it trickling down the stand in front of me between people’s legs.

I feel you man. I spilled a drink on 3 (three) consecutive meals with my partner (+ others) including something that could have been from mousetrap involving curry on someone’s white skirt, and a week later red wine on my favourite yo la tengo t-shirt AND the people on the table next to us. Didn’t go out for months


Remember a mate of mine carrying a tray of 12 drinks in a packed pub, above his head. He got knocked in the crowd in the way to the table. Somehow only dropped one drink, his own Guinness, but all down his white t-shirt.


oof this just reminded me of last year when one of the guests spilled a pint of Guinness over my friend’s WEDDING DRESS



think they actually got it out pretty well and pretty quickly in the end up, miraculously enough

the groom was initially pretty offended that his friend had spilled a pint over his wife and walked away without apologising but soon realised when he came back that he had just put his head in his hands and skulked into the corner for a few minutes out of absolute guilt and embarrassment


Ahh, the look you get at the bar when you have to ask for the blue roll of shame.

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