Dropping/knocking over a pint

should have tutted louder
(people are the worst)

They should at least have said sorry, and really offered to buy a replacement. Whether you then took them up on that is a different question.


yeah i think if it was me, even if i felt that the person had put it in a bad place (though i’m not convinced - i didn’t leave it right in the middle of their path) i’d still feel bad and offer them the money for another out of embarrassment. i feel like it’s natural for the knocker-over to assume some degree of guilt on their part unless the other person has left it like balanced right on the edge of a table or something obviously ridiculous.

i might be more unreasonable and argumentative about it if i was quite drunk, but this was a matinee show so i think they were just solid gold bastards tbh.

i’m still taking this very seriously 8 years on

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The general rule of the jungle’s thus - evaluate the threat. If you think he might knock you clean out in front of your other half, replace pint quickly. If not, fuck him.

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think this is where i went wrong. i’m not a very imposing figure but i should have unleashed my most sinister Northern Irish accent in the hope of shitting them up.

I’ve done four once and never again, frankly.

yeah 3 is fine, though i get paranoid when there’s condensation on the glass that one might slip.

wouldn’t attempt 4, and i guess if you’re getting 4 you might as well do 2 and 2 instead of arrogantly doing a 3 and 1.

Not me, but I remember being in an absolutely rammed pub and seeing a guy struggling through the crowd with 4 full pints, eyes on the drinks shouting “excuse me, excuse me”. Due to the amount of people it was easy to not notice the step down in the middle of the room which had a ramp, already slippy from spilled beer. As he trod on this he slipped and all four pints went skyward as he went floorwards. Poor guy, looked like he was on the verge of tears.

I did manage to spill an entire pint of Guinness into my lap at the very start of a night out once. Sat having a quite animated conversation, caught my thumb in the top of the pint and pulled it into my lap. Luckily I was wearing black jeans but walking around for half the night with a wet crotch was not pleasant.


I once left a pint on a table, on my return there was people fussing around it with paper towels and a dustpan and brush, apparently it had fallen over and smashed somehow. Wobbly table or careless passer-by, it was a tall top-heavy silly branded lager glass. The flood was encroaching under a table and getting people’s bags and coats. People kept scowling at me - I wasn’t fucking there! I got a free one off the bar even though it was half full which was kind of a win.

Only other time this kind of thing happened was a friend of a friend knocked my pint over, went bloody everywhere including my trousers. He bought another one, which again he managed to knock over while wildly gesticulating.

I am now out of mildly interesting pint spilling anecdotes.

My dad knocked a pint over at my house just last night and it went over a pile of nice Christmas cards my mum had bought earlier that day :grinning::+1: #dads

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years ago I managed to knock my mates full pint of guiness off the table, and somehow used ninja reflexes to catch it without spilling a drop

was very proud of myself until about 5 minutes later I knocked it in exact;y the same way and failed to catch it

apart from that I must have spilled loads of pints/ partial pints over the years, but it’s all just a blur of generalised, non anecdotal embarrassment

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Rich is a man I’d trust to carry four.

I risked carrying four last Xmas and came back to my table with two glasses and about a pint and a half of drinks.

I can carry five pints, it is a talent wasted on a teetotal man.


Just remembered everyone throwing drinks during the World Cup. Weird.


If it’s more than 3 I either make two trips, signal a mate to give me hand, or just ask for a tray.

Knocking a pint over always makes me want to explain, at length, that I’m really not that drunk, it’s fine, I’ve only had two, I’m not drunk, I don’t need to be taken home.

Even if you only spill a bit of a pint though you always seem to get a soaking. Plus you then smell of stale beer for the next day

I like it when someone drops a pint and the whole bar goes “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

I often buy an extra pint to smash all over the floor if the situation calls for it. Got me out of many an awkward silence.


Think I’ve only done it once and it was quite a few years ago. Had brought a pint and a shot and as I went to pick up the pint I knocked it over. Reflexes kicked in and I tried to grab the falling pint but unfortunately already had the shot in my hand and somehow threw that in my own face. Took ages to clean Sambuca off my glasses.

Was once standing with my mate when he suddenly just drop kicked his empty glass into the wall. Spoke to him the next day and in his drunken state he thought he would be able to catch it on his foot and flick it onto the nearby empty table.


Knocked over a group of strangers full table of drinks in Boston pissed out of my head watching the superbowl.
Cost me a fortune to stop me getting my head kicked in.
Cheers is not representative of that city.