Drove into work, water's off, drove home



You had any results recently?


Drove into work, boss isn’t here, there’s fuckloads of cake in the kitchen. Going to do a bit of work, stuff as much cake down my trousers as I can fit, then fuck off home at lunchtime.


I’ve WFH three days this week. Hurts my neck though as my laptop is a bit low.


How’s your wfh discipline? Mine’s pretty, pretty shit.


Probably do as much work as when in the office… make of that what you will.

I usually do a load of washing and start work on dinner and that sort of stuff, so everyone’s a winner.


I don’t even bother with that. If I get an earful I say I’ve been working, ffs, get off my back. Then carefully hide whatever it is I’ve actually been doing all day.


Wise as I never get the hero’s reception that I deserve just jealousy as she can’t WFH.


Here, Lonzy, in the last week I have got home and cleaned the kitchen AND bathroom before my darling partner’s return and it has gone COMPLETELY UNNOTICED!!!



We are probably just baby men who feel our small tokens should be hugely rewarded… or… we are in fact heroes and should be fed grapes and fanned.

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Not asking for outpourings of gratitude or even any thanks whatsoever, but for it to literally not even be noticed!?


Yeah, disgusting behaviour.


HMRC sorted out my child benefit issues. Result.




Someone’s brought some Krispy Kremes into work.


Looking forward to someone wading in to tell us how awful Krispy Kremes are


Kitchen’s been busy the last two times I’ve stuck my head in. Need it to be empty so I can have a nice shameless browse of all the cakes. COME ON.


Our water was off a few months back at work - we were told to use the pub toilets nearby


for the record it was the salted caramel cheesecake one here

absolutely lovely


That sounds shit in fairness, turns out I’m the one who’s wading in here!


Kraftwerk tickets :eye: