Drowned In Sound Apple Club [Fruit-Centric]

had any good apples recently

what kind of variety you going for


nb please do not talk about computers or phones itt

apples are shit

(unless cooked or juiced)

apple club’s off to a good start


I’ve switched to easy peelers for the winter but I like a good Gala

Worst opinion sewn up in the first reply. Halcyon days.

Nice crunchy red is the best type of Apple please and thank you

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Also, apple pie / crumble is amazing, and it amazes me that people think otherwise.


didn’t know apple mowing was a chore but there you go

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best apple

  • red
  • green

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they’re just so fucking dull. take ages to eat n all.

Another vote for Pink Lady


Great when they’re right but you get a lot of powdery rank ones imo

Please stop being wrong

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no u

brand name innit

Apple is my least favourite food so I will not be joining this collective. Please have a great time in Apple Club though, be safe and be good to each other x


finally someone with some sense

Not a fan of floury apples e.g. Cox’s

Is it not a variety? If so, what’s the variety called?

Your input isn’t valid or welcome here