Drowned in Sound Community GOTY 2019

I looked at the calender and there isn’t much else coming out this year so I think it’s a safe time to do this or start proceedings at least. Time for DiS GOTY 2019

What do you do?
List your top ten favourite video games from the year 2019, they must have seen a release in 2019 but for the sake of argument and to keep things relatively simple we will allow rereleases from this year. So for example Ghostbusters Remastered can count but Final Fantasy 6 CAN NOT. If you haven’t got ten then don’t worry list as many as you can, the games will be scored the same way.

When By: Monday 16th December 12.00pm

Scoring: 1 point for 10th place and a point increase per position gained. In order to weigh peoples favourite games and to give the favourite games a bit more weight they will be worth 12points instead of 10

Present your lists!

Only played Red Dead 2 for the first time this year

10 points


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10 points for dingaling too @anon73286315

  1. Dragon Quest Builders 2
  2. Resident Evil 2 Remake
  3. Luigi’s Mansion 3
  4. Modern Warfare
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses
  6. Astral Chain
  7. Dragon Quest 11 Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch
  8. Pokemon Sword/Shield
  9. Cadence of Hyrule
  10. Mortal Kombat 111`

Honorable Mentions : Apex Legends, Bloodstained & Tetris 99

Been a really good year for Nintendo, didn’t find much that grabbed me outside of Nintendo this year apart from Capcoms phenomonal Resident Evil 2 remake and ‘The best it’s been in years’ multiplayer of Modern Warfare. Special mentions to the two great Battle Royal games to come out this year which probably would have placed higher if I found the time to play them. No Link’s Awakening or Mario Maker 2 which surprised me as I was super hyped for both those games but neither had staying power for me. Dragon Quest Builders 2 I’m still early into so maybe take my number one with a pinch of salt but I haven’t ‘fallen’ for a game like this in years. Need to find time to play Outer Wilds and will do one day as that game totally seems all of dat.

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What version is it! THIS IS IMPORTANT as the non-PC and Stadia versions dont count as per my rules puts on glasses

Who cares maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

I’m gonna buy that Death Stranding game.