Drowned in Sound Jackbox Thread - Game night #3 NEW POLL live - Join us for some wholesome/unwholesome fun

Hola all

Originally conceived in the ‘Are You Lonley’ thread I started streaming Jackbox via Discord - for those who don’t know Jacbox Party Packs are a collection of party games that you play via your smart phone (with the game it’s self presented on your TV) basically a series of games that involve coming up with witty answers/punchlines/drawings etc etc etc - they’re a great craic!

With that in mind I plan to host another one very soong

If you’d like to participate let me know what date you can do and I’ll arrange a game on the most popular date.

  • Friday 26th April 7pm
  • Saturday 27th April 7pm
  • Friday 3rd May 7pm
  • Saturday 4th May 7pm
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Please note - I may change the date on short notice if something comes up - these are very much provisional dates.

This is the discord server (link explires 16th Arpil - will repost another closer to the time)

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this sounds absolutely bangin and i’m in

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Last one was good fun


Had a great time!

I can do either but 26/27th would be v welcome as I’m home alone.

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Need to remember to grab screenshots after the games next time as they save a lot of the answers on the webpage briefly

OH! They’re still there!


U can buy them as a deck of trading cards :smiley: i might do that


Still really like my mug guy

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For people who haven’t played - the reason some characters are way off base for the category’s is you have to draw someone you think would be able to compete with the drawing you get sent to your phone without knowing what the category it’s self is :slight_smile:

Barry is my finest achievement

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Bump before I decide the final date

I am potentially interested, but not choosing a date because I can’t think that far ahead

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Saturday 4th May 7pm it is


1hr 30min warning


Hello, I will be along but probs a little bit late! Hopefully about half seven.

I better make sure I finish the washing up in time!

For those interested that haven’t participated before you need a screen (so laptop/computer/tablet) with Discord to stream the video feed and a phone/tablet/pc to interact. Ideal set up is screen + phone but you can also just open a browser and the stream on the same PC if you needed though I dont recommend this solution on phone/tablet

You join the Discord room above
Before 7pm I’ll start a video stream this will be found in one of the voice chat rooms - you can click on my name and an option to watch my stream will be visible
Last time we used text chat so no need for microphones - if it’s like last time most/everyone will be muted in voice if thats of concern to you but people are welcome to talk in voice if they’d prefer
We will play a variety of games for probably 2hrs or so roughly - though this will be based on vibe and mood.

These games are silly and rely on witt/deception/creativity - if you are slightly drunk or buzzed enjoying the sunshine this will not inhbiibit your ability to play these games as they aren’t mechanically intensive of complex in terms of ruleset

@tilty @TVDenimChap @SleepingCapybara @dingers

@'ing you as you expressed interest in today’s time/date just as an FYI


Just in case you’re around as you weren’t able to committ ahead of time.

If we are short of 4 players unfortunately we will need to cancel/postpone


Probably not going to make it but will try and dip in at some point if I can!

Thanks for the nudge; I’m still up for it, but I’ll also be free from 7:30 or so

Ooh yes thank you for the reminder!