Drowned in Sound Jackbox Thread - Game night #3 NEW POLL live - Join us for some wholesome/unwholesome fun

Okay we have enough - though new time will now be 7.30pm so we have enough from the get go

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Shit didn’t realise the complexity and my work laptop won’t allow me to use discord :smiling_face_with_tear:

You could maybe try discord on your phone/tablet (if an option) and do the game part on the work laptop if it allows you on http://www.jackbox.tv

I’m heading home now, will be a bit later than 7:30, sorrryyyy




wanna try and make the next one of these

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  • Wednesday 29th May 8pm
  • Thursday 30th May 8pm
  • Wednesday 05th June 8pm
  • Thursday 06th June 8pm
  • Saturday 08th June 7pm
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Next session dates - vote on if you’d like

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Enjoyed last time very much, and would love to join in again, but I’ll be on holiday across that period

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Yeah, same - away for work on the first couple, then on holiday.

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Will do another poll this weekend for an alterbative date

  • Wed 26th June 8pm
  • Sat 29th June 5pm
  • Sat 29th June 8pm
  • Sun 30th June 8pm
  • Wed 3rd July 8pm
  • Sun 7th July 8pm
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Friday’s wont be avaliable for the forseeable

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