Drowned In Sound Labour Party Branch Meeting

Want to have a place to talk about Labour Party stuff with other members. Not the kind of stuff that gets covered in the politics thread, but more sharing experiences and advice on being an active member.
Anyone keen?
Might be a thing for a closed group/PMs rather than a thread. Dunno.
Anyway post in here to say if you’re a Labour member and want to have this kind of chat.

I’m a labour member, too nervous to go to any of the meetings though, I know it’s a failure and form of cowardice, I’m proud of anyone who is more active than me, you’re all heroes


I am a recent Labour member and don’t know how anything works.


Still waiting for my membership card

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hello ive not been to a meeting in ~two years

we’re doing a great job

I’m not entirely sure how much point there is in me joining the Labour Party in Scotland.

This isn’t me trolling and I’d like to be convinced otherwise.


I’m a Labour member for a good few years but apart from doing a bit of leafleting I’ve been more or less useless tbh

I’ve been a member since 2017. Haven’t done much apart from a day of pre-election canvassing. This stems from of being both lazy and slightly intimidated.

My MP is in this photo, so the CLP is a bit all over the place.

you dont need a physical card for anything.

you can access a digital one here:

if you don’t know your membership number you can call membership services to ask

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I can answer specific questions but dont want to have a discussion.

Hello I joined exactly 4 years ago today (the day Corbs was voted in)


Joined very recently. Haven’t done anything proactive yet. Was going to go to a meeting to vote for my local MP to remain as the candidate at the next election but realised I had to have been a member for six months to do so, so I didn’t.

^ This is exactly where I’m at


think i only joined after leaving the country
0 meetings attended

Recently became a member. Will be going to my branch meeting tonight if I’m home in time. If not I think there’s a thing this weekend for people who are interested in door knocking etc. So I’ll go to that

going to conference

  • no
  • yes, with a pass
  • yes, without a pass

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have you voted for Conference Arrangements Committee?

  • yes
  • no

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(check your inboxes - it closes in 45 minutes. momentum is supporting Seema and Billy)

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Applied to join last week - expecting some stuff to drop through the door in the next week or so with membership details etc - assuming I don’t get blacklisted for voting Green in 2015 :+1:

Not sure yet how involved I’m gonna get, but looking forward to finding out.

@Keith & @cutthelights - I guess all the advice I can give is that if Labour best reflect where you are politically, then the best way you can help effect change north of the border is going to be getting as stuck in as you can. Perhaps not the rousing speech you were after, but it’s all I’ve got for you. :fist:


I’ve been a member for a few years, never made it to a meeting yet because insert weak excuse here

not sure if you knew already, there is a Netherlands branch of International CLP