Drowned In Sound Labour Party Branch Meeting

was a member but had to do some financial reordering so i’m not rn. found the internal mechanisms and stuff baffling, can’t stand the intricacies of it all, didn’t know much about my MP, never knew votes were happening until long after they happened, never seemed to get much contact from them, found the endless infighting really tedious.

will ofc vote labour but i don’t think i’ll be a member again.

Got sent a list of the local executive committee and someone I used to work with is on there (twice). Knew he was quietly a good egg.

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Had to stop as needed to cut my outgoings even though its only 4 quid

It’s seems to be a completely different party to the one in the rest of the UK, but it has to be better than the alternatives up here. Our local Labour party politicians (at council, MSP and MP candidate level) are really good people who love our local area- I do worry that the party is just in total disarray tho and nobody seems to know what their policies are. Anyway, as you say, probably not much chance they’ll get elected in the west of Scotland for a good while to come.


they all seem to really like Tom Watson in the local facebook group

Been thinking of joining PBP here, but they’re very much a marginal party. They had some momentum a while ago but then went full Lexit which was a disaster.

The SDLP who are nominally associated with Labour are complete dicks, some of them campaign under ‘both lives matter’ re:abortion which is just horrifically tone deaf aside from being reprehensible

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I know some people involved with PBP in Belfast and they’re good eggs, one of them is a councillor I think. The Lexit thing looked like an absolute disaster though, have they rolled back on that? Heard Eamon McCann being interviewed recently and he was saying it was a mistake.

Aye the SDLP seem like an absolute shitshow these days. How can Labour still justify being affiliated with them if they’re partnering with Fianna Fáil anyway?

Pbp are now against a ‘tory brexit’ which isn’t encouraging. We all knew it was going to be a Tory brexit in 2016! I also think people here want full remainer politicians.

Sdlp are just a joke, their affiliation with Labour is sort of meaningless without any MPs. If only Owen Smith had won the leadership challenge, we’d have actual NI Labour organisation (big sarcasm)

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A motion we were promoting got really high up the priority ballot which means people are gonna debate and vote on it to become policy :blush:


Thought it worth mentioning I did my… third run of leafletting today, which feels like an okay way to spend time, but not as useful as canvassing. Went to a CLP meeting earlier this week and actually said something, which felt kinda weird. 90% of the people there were in their 50s, and that doesn’t seem right, but idk maybe it is. Got a “branch” meeting this week, which I’ll go to, but I’m not really sure what things I can/should be doing right now.


Hehe just replied to your original post

I bottled going to this week’s meeting :pensive: sorry. Will def try to go next time!

haha, knew that would happen!

You don’t need to apologise, most meetings aren’t that important x

Love when I get the emails “good afternoon comrades” or whatever

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The relative usefulness of leafleting and canvassing is hard to measure so I wouldn’t say it’s less useful or important :slightly_smiling_face:

I think people are scared to admit how outdated doorknocking is. People find it invasive and inconvenient, and it’s a very good way to demoralised and exhaust activists. There’s a need for presence but the reliance on such incomplete data just isn’t going to allow us to target messages in the way many think it will.

GOTV and offering lifts on polling day is incredibly important but in my experience, canvassing is a lot of work often in seats that aren’t winnable.

Candidates need to do more themselves to engage communities and show what they’re going to be like once elected. Being “visible” isn’t enough.

And obviously in a general election the most important thing is the national swing so social media boosts, national level campaigns etc. can be a better use of everyone’s time.

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I’m finding it genuinely useful as a way of meeting and actually talking to local councillors/activists, at least, and they’re mostly good and nice people. Still feel like an impostor at most Labour things I go to as an airy-fairy soft southern wanker with a history of voting for the Green party, so making these kind of connections (no matter how weak) is really helpful on that front, at least.

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Are any dissers actually at the conference?

Two people in work have announced they’re leaving Labour and joining the Lib Dems and honestly I’m angry that two adults who profess to give a shit about climate, equality, welfare, transport, living standards etc would give their support to a party with not a single coherent policy or belief and will happily take homophobes and other right wing shit bags and exist only to roll over for the Tories.


I can understand anger, frustration and dismay at Labour not voting to become a fully blooded remain party, but I can’t understand how any politically active person can’t look at Labour’s policy and think that it’s anything but the most realistic way of actually getting there.

Lib Dems and Greens are back campaigning in my local constituency over this today - normally it wouldn’t bother me; they’ve every right to do so - but it’s the best way to guarantee our ERG member MP gets back in and they know it.