Drowned in Sound launched 19 years ago today

What if you did a preorder for them though and manufactured after the fact?



I have no memory of this, but aww, that is nice.


Sometimes I imagine all the super productive things I could have achieved if I hadn’t wasted years posting on this website

but then I realise that life isn’t about being productive, it’s about farting around, don’t let anybody tell you any different

so thank you DiS & @sean for the friends and the beeves we made along the way :pray:t3: :heart:


I’m almost at my six month anniversary so I feel like a babe in arms compared with most of you. Still been the best community to be part of for that short time!


Think it’s coming up for nearly 10 years for me. Got me through a lot of crappy days and uncertainty at uni, found so so much good music, and was glorious seeing some of the classics Dissisms unfold in real time (Tool Academy was a personal fav).

DiS forever and ever, 100 years DiS


80 years from now, @Lo-Pan s grandson posting an “Can someone get Billie Joe Armstrong outta bed”.
What a legacy.


boards helped me many times with everything from irl problems to which speakers to buy to getting me into deerhunter, very good place to hang out imo


Hold up! that means Kid A is 19 tomorrow, which leave me only 1 year to save up for the super mega 20th anniversary blip-tastic edition.


Who are the most long-standing members out of interest?

Why would you want to do that for an album that only got 4/10 on DiS?

Dunno when I started posting here but I became aware of DiS with this tour in early 2003

Went to the London show (got handed a badge outside) and then the Bedford show (no badge, but did get tinnitus from it for I guess the rest of my life)

I probably started properly posting about 2004 or 2005? I moved to London in late 2003 but we didn’t have internet that first year, and I mostly worked shit temp jobs. I got my first proper office job in late 2004, that was the dull one I was at for years where I racked up like 100k posts or whatever, even tho DiS was blocked for like half the working day.

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They got there eventually.

Been posting as casinobay since 2008. Was posting as something else for about 2 years beforehand.

I started coming to DiS around 2002 because they reviewed my band.

I was user number 56 on the original forum, but I’m sure there were others like Theo or TheWarn who were before me, maybe.


I reckon I was early noughties. Maybe around 2002/03 as well.

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get a life, you saddo!

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Reckon there were probably about 55 users before you


Yeah, but 18 of those were Maoasms’s alts.

Have I told the story about my one drowned in sound review I wrote as a naive 17 year old, and there was such a row in the comments underneath I was too terrified to write another one :see_no_evil:

I loved the DiS layout Sean posted, especially the cursor turning into a crosshair :heart_eyes: