Drowned In Sound’s best books of the 21st century - RESULTS (post 261)!

Clunky to read, but much easier to produce unfortunately.

I’m reading white teeth as we speak

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It was fifth in @Tilty’s list.


Ah fair enough. I wasn’t about to kick off about it zeal don’t worry :wink: just curious.


Random Statistic

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel was the lowest ranked book with multiple nominations… It recieved two votes, but just 7 points, finishing in 285th place on the final list.

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The Life of Pi is the only book I’ve started but given up on in about the last decade.

i finished it but hated it

the end was probably the worst bit too

If it places. Formatting nightmare

Edit: I actually downloaded an epub as I cba to carry the massive book (which I did buy) around, and it was a mess



Oh dear. I’ve just spotted an Antlers/The Antlers issue…

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Okay, we’re back in business!

Placed 23rd - 30th

Score Nominations
23 The People’s Act of Love James Meek 38 3
= The Argonauts Maggie Nelson 38 3
25 The Martian Andy Weir 37 3
26 Just Kids Patti Smith 37 2
27 Any Human Heart William Boyd 36 3
28 A Fraction Of The Whole Steve Toltz 36 2
= Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware 36 2
30 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke 35 3

Note: A Visit From the Goon Squad has dropped out of the top 50.


the martian is the 23rd best book of the century, is it


He grows potatoes in poopy!

According to your fellow DiSsers, yes it is!

One of the all time great page turners


Oh bums I forgot to vote.

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i started, but couldn’t think of more than a few


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