Drowned in Sound Spring PICNIC Meat (London)


There’s transport from London as well as to!

Leaving London? lol

Bump to see if there is any more interest before settling on a date, the poll for choices is here (not the one in the OP):

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As this seems to be meat thread bumping day… basically the attempted organising of this is causing me a silly amount of anxiety, I think I have taken on something a bit too far out of my capabilities.

I still think it would be a cool meat, would someone like to take over the organisational reigns from me?

M9 we are a chill bunch. Don’t threat. I know we seem scary but we aren’t.

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DiS picnic meat, 28th April, Regents Park! You in?

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  • maybe

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Out of the original dates I’m only there on April 14th (am actually there March 30 until 15)

Said yes, which means I will try V hard

sure there’ll be plenty of other meats while you’re around! haggis toastie meat, scout jnr’s first black metal show, etc.


Thanks Eric :slight_smile:

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hope you get nice weather mates

We still going to do this / something like this? April / May? Bank hol weekend??

I know I pitched the idea in the first place, but I am going back and forth over whether anxiety is getting the better of me.

We did the poll up thread a little for April 28th, a lot of indecisive responses. Maybe we should re-poll?

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Yep, Monday?

Yeah, I’ll get a poll going then when more people are about.

@anon82218317 those sound like very good choices, I’ll have to think about what I can bring that will survive being jostled about in the bottom of a pushchair.

@incandenza you should definitely come if you can! :grinning:

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We’re repolling tomorrow!!

I’ll bring the quorn scotch eggs


I’d be interested in this (I know I am in London at least once at some point this Spring)

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