Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



A few years ago a user* posted Desperate Journalist

Thank you. They are my best British band.

These forums despite their faults and idiots and dull people (like me) posting on them do their job. Good music is introduced to those that are receptive.


yeah this was a good 'un. saw them again at the start of this month and they’d been doing some recording that same day so hopefully they’re gonna keep up this album-per-year pace for a bit.


What else is there here?


I’m not sure about Wolf Alice at #1. It’s a great album, yet I can’t help but think it’s seriously inferior to “My Love Is Cool”. I’m a fan of their previous singles, yes, but MLIC is twelve tracks of thematically consistent brilliance - not quite my #1 of 2015 thanks to Jenny Hval, but definitely one of my favourite albums this decade. VOAL? Some of the songs are magnificent (Heavenward, Don’t Delete The Kisses, Sky Musings and Visions Of A Life get my vote), but others are frankly mediocre - did they really have nothing better than Beautifully Unconventional and Sadboy to record? That, and as others here have alluded to, the record as a whole doesn’t hang together very well. The (not particularly extreme) genre-hopping on MLIC works magnificently; VOAL feels too disparate to me and sounds like a bunch of good yet unrelated songs chucked onto one disc, rather than a classic album. Still probably top 5-10 when I make my list, but hey (shrugs)


Pleased to see Hurray for the Riff Raff on here. It’s in the top 5 this year for me, along with Valerie June.


I listened to the Cigarettes After Sex album more than most this year. Admittedly, it was likely partially due to its fantastic sonics. With a decent stereo, it’s like they’re in the room. Excellent recording.


chucking another vote Priests way. I’ve absolutely rinsed that album this year, they may wear their influences on their sleeves but they wear them well. incredible live band as well.


My ten year old daughter LOVES the first wolf alice lp. She listened patiently to the new one a few times and eventually said “no thanks dad, I think we should stick to the REAL wolf alice songs”.

Damming review right there.


What would you say are those well worn influences?


Quite surprised by how many of the top 10 I’ve not actually listened to, but there are a fair few albums that’ll probably be on my end of year list as well.

I’m a bit surprised at how little Toby Driver’s album is being featured on end of year lists. I realize it’s pretty specific, as it’s essentially comprised of goth-folk ballads but it’s easily one of my favourite albums from this year.


They’re great threads - I discover so much through them too!

I still need to give Desperate Journalist’s debut a spin - how does it rate against Grow Up?


Finally getting round to listening to these.

LOVE the Wolf Alice record, not sure why I completely ignored them in the past. I think just bits and pieces I heard from them made me think they were NME indie landfill shit…how wrong was I.
Really enjoying Jane Weaver and the EMA record.

The Noveller record bored me, not sure that’s a top 5 album.


I know they’re not necessarily cool any more but I really loved the new Elbow album, thought it was their best since AITB, plus I’m sure it was number one in the community AOTM in Feb so there must have been some love for it. Other ommisions for me include : Aldous Harding, Thurston Moore, Fleet Foxes, Quicksand, Part Chimp, Godspeed, Mount Eerie, Torres, Sussane Sundfor


Yep, I’m a big fan of it.


I liked the Elbow album when it first came out, but I haven’t listened to it in a while and had kind of forgot about it. Not sure it’s their second best, but it’s got some strong songwriting and very nice production. Should give it another spin.


Actually I meant cast of thousands, so maybe my third favourite then


I’m with you that Wolf Alice do the shoegaze sound very well and hence my fondness for parts of this album…I get the appeal and the number 1 placing and I think if I was younger I would love this band…as it is I do like them and are pleased they are around…but for me the original acts still do it best and hence my pick as Slowdive as comfortable #1


Its my favourite Elbow album (although in all honesty I haven’t spent loads of time on them over the years) but I lovely the sonic touches, the production, the percussion. Mr Garvey is a man of strong taste and elements of that (the love for Talk Talk) seem to feed into this…


Good shout on Torres… excellent record.


listening to this Julie Byrne album for the first. shit man, its good.

thank you guys.