Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



Happy that Sylvan Esso got a mention. Surprised that Jens Lekman didn’t.

I think my favourite album is still going to be Bodies Of Water - Spear In The City, but unless everyone clicks on this link and listens then I doubt they’ll be in anyone else’s list. They’re my favourite Arcade Fire type Canadian band that aren’t called Arcade Fire… or even of those that are called Arcade Fire. Plus they made a good album!


I totally agree…I’d say the majority of people here probably dig what they dig regardless of skin type or gender…certainly never been a factor that has made me rate one album above another…I am sure there are some underlying influences and social conditioning that might affect one’s tastes (I personally prefer shoegaze to hip-hop - maybe that says something although I also love jazz and gospel) … I don;t think we can be prescriptive about listening tastes beyond encouraging people to check out a wide variety of stuff…and avoiding bands with very negative ideologies like Skrewdriver…my top 5 is predominantly white but contains a mixture of race, gender and genres (jay som, kamasi washington) -its not by design…simply that I liked those 5 albums above the others…I have just read Jasper’s follow up post though and understand what he’s getting at


forgot about this band - thanks for the reminder!


Surprised there was no room for chastity belt. I absolutely love cloud nothing but their new one was fairly crap.

Got lots to check out from this list but do feel there are a fair few that have snuck in because of the popularity of the artist regardless of the quality of the record.


No Ariel Pink? Seriously?

Even if it’s just for ‘Another Weekend’ it deserves to be in there somewhere. One of the songs of the year.


Probably one of my most played albums too! Hit after hit after hit after hit - endlessly playable!


other way round for me actually

though there’s always been two songs on the debut i really love and i can’t really remember any of the rest of it


finally gave Kelly Lee Owens a spin and it is Very Good.


Rinsed it a fair bit when it was released but it’s now been a couple of months since I’ve listened to Grow Up so I’ll probably revisit that and their debut at the same time.

What took you so long with the Kelly Lee Owens albums?!


i think i listened to a brief snippet of KLO around the time of the Neptune Prize but then got distracted with other stuff, probably Jane Weaver


Ah fair! I’ve not gotten round to giving the Jane Weaver album a spin yet…


Yeah, so many great tracks, one after another. I particularly like ‘Do Yourself a Favor’ and ‘Dedicated to Bobby Jameson’.


Noticed a few reactions to the list like this. Given all of the negativity and fallout from the list this is pretty much the point of these lists, and I’m glad people are discovering the record.


The Jane Weaver one is very good, bit Broadcasty. Gutted I missed her playing here the other week as I only heard about it after it finished


I’d say it’s more mild ribbing than negativity, but very aware it would feel different if it was being directed against me and my list! Still sort of amazed you put up with the whole DiS community after all this time


The list is the list, but, some glaring omissions:

The Black Angels - Death Song
Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry
Elbow - Little Fictions
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
Colter Wall - Colter Wall
Forest Swords - Compassion…


I find interesting the fact that Witness (5/10) figures on #46 and the Japanese Breakfast album is below with 8/10. Let’s not even mention the fact that reputation (7/10) isn’t on the list. It seems a little bit contradictory if you pay attention and analyze the situation.


I too like to bring stats into discussions about subjective art @safetywink


Well fuck


Reviews are written by one person and the score reflects the individual who wrote it, in much the same way this human-filtered list is refracted through my own personal tastes. I think the Katy Perry album is a real cut above and ‘Swish Swish’ is a near-perfect pop song (not as perfect as ‘Firework’ which is not-really-up-for-debate the best pop song of the century so far.)