Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



What was that in response to?


To them same post you just replied to, mentioning all the scores the various albums had got.

Also Green Light is a hundred leagues above Firework, sorry Sean.


Uneasy with Katy Perry being on this list at all when there’s no Vince Staples, Charli XCX, Run The Jewels, Ibibio Sound Machine, Arca, Elder, Waxahatchee, and even more uneasy with it being above Fever Ray and Kamasi Washington and Sampha and Alvvays.

Also Lorde is the AotY.

Although I do like being reminded of the existance of those Feist and Hannah Peel and Slotface records, which were on my to-listen list and got forgotten in all the hubbub.


Why uneasy? Considering you’re suggesting Charli should be on the list who didn’t release an album this year (her last record was on our list with similar “uneasiness”), and RTJ3 which came last year, and the rest is all just personal opinion, innit,.


Charli released Number 1 Angel early on in 2017, you should definitely give it a go, easily top 3 of the year for me (and yeah it’s technically a mixtape, but what is a mixtape but a free album? and there’s at least 1 EP on the list anyway). I think it’s her best work, she’s been allowed to let loose and make a record that sounds like she wants it to, free of label meddling in it, which I think it what made Sucker come out sounding less good than it should’ve.

RTJ was like the last day of 2016 or something, and physical release didn’t show up until 2017. With it being released in time to make precisely nobody’s 2016 AotY, and it being a fucking great album, would’ve thought it would have a strong showing in this year’s.


Oh, and uneasy because she’s in the Illuminati, obv.


Those first four Elbow records are such a soundtrack to my twenties that I don’t think I’m capable of rationally assessing/ranking any of them.


Have totted up all of our staff votes and the winner is…


Which EP?


Kamasi Washington, it’s longer than quite a few albums on the list, but is nominally an EP. But it’s a bit of a meaningless distinction in this case; it’s 45 minutes of separate songs intentionally composed to form a single work so for all intents and purposes may as well be an album.


The Arca album is absolutely superb.


Fair enough. A poll is a poll and it’s scored fairly. Who’s top scored the most.

I’ve always preferred looking at individuals’ top three or five depending whether they’re voting for album of the month or year rather than the end results of the poll. For me it’s more interesting to see individuals’ listening tastes and habits.

I may well be wrong and have no statistical proof but the end results of poll might boost bigger bands with albums that inevitably get reviewed from multiple publications with a lot of exposure. If loads of people have these albums as their fourth or fifth best album it’ll win even though those individuals don’t think it’s the best of the year.

Anyway, you can’t please everybody. I usually find an album or two placed towards the bottom that I haven’t heard of that tends to be a revelation to me and so overall no complaints from me.


Oh well, from nearly no.1 to oblivion for Kelly Lee Owens on the new poll :smiley:


Yep, I for one prefer the Evil Dictator’s list … and thus welcome our Overlord’s rule …

(Although admittedly, he did get the no. 1 and 2 albums mixed up, the fool). :smiley: Listened to that KLO album again last night - first time for a while. Still fresh. It’s just not got old at all. Wonderful album, gaining well-deserved recognition.




Just checked it out after meaning to for ages, yep it’s very good indeed


Thanks for recommending this album. Prompted to go listen by your post and haven’t stopped over the last couple of days. Brilliant.


@sean can you please tell me: is it E. M. A. or Em(m)a?

Asked this in thread a few months ago but I think everyone was assuming I was making a joke …


For E. M. A. For E. V. A.


Just had a listen to the Wolf Alice album on Spotify. Not sure if my PC is playing up but it seemed really quiet and mushy production coming straight off listening to my MP3s of this year’s Cloud Nothings album. That said, it wasn’t nearly as dull as I’d sort of assumed. Quite a nice album overall. “It wouldn’t be my number 1” isn’t a meaningful phrase to me nowadays because I tend to have a bunch of albums I love from genres and moods too different to compare but it certainly wouldn’t be likely to make a dent on my 10 favourite albums of the year.