Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



C’mon, team, I thought we patched out the issues with Theo’s ranking algorithms? Please don’t tell me all the ratings are rounding to whole numbers again…


You’re not helping things!


Top 10 all women or women-fronted bands. Pretty sweet.


"Hi, this is E.M.A."




For those Phoebe Bridgers’ fans out there (I count myself amongst them). From NPR’s Tiny Desk earlier this week. Sublime.



Right well that’s me checking it out then!


I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on the Bonobo album. Bit surprised at it’s general lack of mentions anywhere. It’s a sublime slice of electronica and currently at least comfortably in my top 5 of the year. Definitely won’t end outside top 10!


yeah I liked it, it was good, maybe suffered a wee bit from coming out all the way back in January in terms of lists, dunno


I’m surprised that pumarosa didn’t make the top 100


hey @zanimos, can I ask you about the two I marked in bold? because I love Björk and Colleen, so I figure these must be good. never heard of either.


A pleasure!

Jasmine Guffond I’m surprised hasn’t had a bit more notice. Her last album ‘Yellow Bell’ got decent attention. That album sets the scene for Traced but I think Traced is a big leap forward in her sound - basically glitchy electronics but very distinctive. In the past she’s recorded as Jasmina Machina with more vocals in a sort of intersection between folk & electronica and she also collaborated in an electronic project called Minit whose stuff is great too.

Sarah Davachi album is a really interesting one - her previous albums used a lot of electronics but this one uses a Ronseal approach on each of the tracks - ‘For Strings’, ‘For Voice’ etc. For fans of Kara-Lis Coverdale, Lawrence English…maybe even Tim Hecker and the like. I think Norman Records liked this one a lot so may crop on their EOY round up.

Glad someone else likes Colleen - not sure why that has flown under the radar.


Where is Oak House’s LP Hot or Mood at on this list?? You even rated it 9/10 on your review. They are a little known band, but this album is absolutely fantastic! It is my favorite album of 2017. Listen to it, and you will see what I am talking about.


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I thought the Colleen record was getting a lot of EOY love ??

but then I follow Thrill Jockey on twitter & I guess they retweet every mention

Great record though - in lots of different ways


Probably just me missing it. Bias cos I like it so much.


guys you’ve put your list out already and glassjaw have a new album out in TWO DAYS!!!


Big congrats to Mount Kimbie on their double placement.


I’ve got a wedding on Friday as well. Going to have to wait that little bit longer. Damn it!


Probably already posted in here but can’t remember. My favourite album was Pure Comedy which was probably the only album this year to really give me goosebumps. Jens Lekman was cool too. And Beck.

I loved all the stuff you guys didn’t like.

Edit: was cigs after sex this year? I loved that. Oh, and Waxahatchee. Holy shit, yeah, that album is great actually.