Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



Easily AOTY


Oh shit. Hang on. Again. Yes, for some reason I thought this came out last year but Mark Mulcahy’s ‘The Possum in the Driveway’ was amazing. That’s probably my tied AOTY.


Saw them at Gizzfest in Sydney, they’re not half bad, and not as prone to progginess as King Gizzard.


I’m really surprised by the absence of Aldous Harding’s Party, my joint best of the year with the Blanck Mass album (not high enough!). Also Nadia Reid, Marika Hackman, Allergies. Next year, watch out for Amyl & The Sniffers, brilliant ocker punk of the old school.


Knew I’d make a mistake doing all of that on my own and off my face on Lemsip.


One came out in Winter I and the other came out in Winter II


You guys rated Katy’s Witness with a score of 5/10 yet included it into the list of the best albums of the year. This is a pure joke considering some albums which 7 or higher score couldn’t even make into the list. :nauseated_face:


Something about this being a staff list and the review being an individuals opinion.


Then, I’m shocking if most of the staff love Witness because the albums was generally ‘panned’ by critics. Quite disappointed with the absence of Mount Eerie, Gorillaz, Taylor Swift and Margo Price


Broadcast was my first thought as well


theres new Babybird out there. proper songs. excellent.


Ben Frost -‘ The centre cannot hold ‘
This album has been pretty overlooked in all the end of year polls. A talented musician but probably his weakest effort.


Yup, exactly this. Think he peaked with by the throat


A U R A U R A Was a great Album. I’ve really liked his recent soundtrack work. I was really excited by the centre cannot hold coming out but unfortunately didn’t deliver.


Some omissions I loved

Richard Dawson
Forest Swords
Mount Eerie


Brilliant recommendation @static, been rinsing this for days. I thought I had my end of year mix sorted and you’ve totally screwed my playlist now! (that and Posse, see below)


Another TY for the Midwife recommendation, beautiful album.


Given this stunner of an album a listen now and you’re totally spot on with the Broadcast comparison. It instantly ticked all the right boxes for me!


*Theory of Machines


Broadcast a good comparison, I’ve been comparing it to Stereolab.