Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



Wolf Alice wouldn’t even register to me as a top 50 album of the year so pretty surprised to see it this high. But Don’t Delete the Kisses is great, so can’t be too mad.


That DiS Top 10 is almost exclusively female! I don’t know the sexual orientation of any of the artists though, and don’t feel it’s necessarily important to do so. Either way, it’s not exactly the straight white indie boys with guitars list that DiS often gets accused of perpetuating.

Alternative and indie music is often so male dominated, and particularly with the slew of male musician abuse scandals this year it’s been great to enjoy so many incredible albums made by women. These should rightfully be topping the end of year polls firmly on their own merits - but also as a means of beginning to detoxify what’s recently become a pretty grubby field.


Again, I have no gripes with Sean’s course of action of compiling a list on his own. I just read a lot of great diverse voices on DiS who poured a lot of effort into shaping Drowned In Sound’s musical 2018, and it wouldn’t hurt to take some of that into account a bit more, before, you know, having the last say. I’m not saying Sean shouldn’t have the last say in it, he damn well should, he runs this place after all. But a little bit more compromise would’ve been a better look.

That said, all fair to Sean that he owns up to the Evil Overlord-role this time, and admitting as such. But that doesn’t preemptively repel any kind of critique. He did make the list for that exact reason, I reckon, to spark a widespread discussion. And I believe we should look at the bigger picture.


I like four albums from that list of one hundred.


Well said.


Almost makes me feel bad…but Sean was clear on it being a personal list, not a consensus


I think Arca deserves to be on any mutli-pick list, I seem to remember it deservedly getting the top spot on the dis list back in April, and I guess I would have thought Aldous Harding, Julian Baker, Julie Byrne would likely be in there.

For my personal push I’ll push one of my top 3 of the year Midwife - Like Author, Like Daughter - pretty much MBV - loveless meets Grouper.


No I still really like this record too, don’t think it deserved the ignores it got at the time.


just signed in to say thank you for this! I haven’t heard this Midwife but it’s excellent. You’re also so so so right with Arca, Aldous and Julien.


just signed in to say thank you for this! I haven’t heard this Midwife but it’s excellent. You’re also so so so right with Arca, Aldous, Julien, Julie


Kind of happy with this top 10, means there’s a bunch of records I’ve never heard which I’ve got time to try and enjoy.


He probably shouldn’t have written this then:


Hand Habits - Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)
Oh Sees - Orc

Hand Habits is a beauty. Oh Sees is a beautiful beast.


That’s the royal ‘our’ :wink:


“Our”. Yup. But again, it’s good that the discourse is happening now, even IF it’s after the fact.


Interesting to see Julie Byrne’s album coming up. I really love a couple of tracks on the record but the album itself doesn’t seem to engage with me. Will give it another go.


Musical 2017, I meant of course. Heck I’m looking ahead already.


Wolf Alice is also Dom Gourlay’s album of the year and Derek our features editor loves it too. So this isn’t just my list or else Paramore would probably be number 1.


Happy to say it’s one of my favourites albums of the year (although I did prefer their debut).

Of my other faves there hasn’t been a clear AOTY standout, I wouldn’t consider any of them 10/10s - The National, Protomartyr, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey, Japandroids, Marika Hackman, Alvvays. Not including those that my label has released as obviously I’m inclined to think they shit on everything else.

2017 has kind of felt like a year of disappointments - The Cribs, Ryan Adams, Paramore, QOTSA, Arcade Fire, Cloud Nothings, Los Campesinos, The Horrors all not quite hitting their mark.


But why didn’t you say that from the outset? I have absolutely no qualms with an Editor’s list. Neither with Wolf Alice being number one, for that matter, even if I don’t like that album.