Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture



I’m surprised by the absence of Manchester Orchestra btw, of all the groups of people who inexplicably thought that making yet another album featuring a drummer, a bassist, a rhythm guitarist, a lead guitarist and a vocalist was a worthwhile endeavour in the year 2017, theirs is actually good.


Great Synth Based Albums That Flew Under The Radar you say?



Was 50 Song Memoir anywhere near this list? I can understand why it’s not album of the year as the huge track list is inarguably a gimmick with diminishing returns, but from a straight-up songwriting perspective I don’t think any other album this year has seared itself into my consciousness the way this did. Pretty much everyday I find myself humming a tune from this album, and it will be top 5 for me.

Was a 9/10 from DiS but not sure what sean makes of it.


So, alpha-bet, rather than alpha-male? Julia Holter’s release was another good J too (although it was a studio live album, so not sure it counts for AOTY purposes).

Julie Byrne is my album of the year by a mile. It’s a real slowburner - I remember not being bowled over myself on the first couple of listens, but it really found its claws after a few plays. On that basis I’d say well worth revisiting @sean.

Just listened again this afternoon and it’s pretty much flawless - beautifully recorded and arranged, and for a record that’s largely voice and acoustic guitar with a few ambient-ish embellishments, it’s totally immersive. I now don’t think there’s a single thing I’d like to change about it, so it could well be a future 10.


I think I’m somewhere between you and the forum consensus on the Julie Byrne album, probably still closer to you at this point honestly. Here are the ones that I feel really strongly about and really want to plug (links go to a song on each):

Billy Corgan - Ogilala
Strange Ranger - Daymoon
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
Meat Wave - The Incessant

Priests is probably the only one with a realistic shot of getting in.


50 Song Memoir didn’t make the top 10 in the month it was released in the AOTM thread that I post.

When it first came out, I skim listened to it and thought it was ok, a slight let down, but had bought tickets for both nights at The Barbican.

As the concerts came near, I listened to the albums heavily to get my money’s worth. Loved the albums subsequently. Leading up to the weekend when The Magnetic Fields played I had loads of night shifts at work and on the Saturday itself I did a day shift. Listening to the albums was my comfort during a harsh week.

The concerts were great. On the first evening I ended up talking to a random quirky American woman. My mate joined me on the second evening where we moaned about our jobs and were grateful for an evening with The Magnetic Fields. Even small-ish stuff where I realised that they were selling autographed prints so I came with a poster tube the next evening for my purchases.

That album and that weekend were one of my highlights of the year.

I Wish I Had Pictures and Have You Seen It In The Snow are 69 Love Songs worthy and How I Failed Ethics is his song writing at his very best.

A fantastic album.


I’d like to back Priests too @sean


Blanck Mass should have been much higher IMHO…


Forest Swords
Godflesh (just released! although don’t expect too much consensus on this one)


James Holden & The animal spirits. It deserves to be within the 100 best releases of the year.


Shobaleader one is a great record


Listening to it for the umpteenth time whilst I type - it still packs such an emotional wallop!


Valerie June - The Order of Time
Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires


Word. Saw the Shobaleader One drummer (Adam Betts) do a solo gig a few months back which was a huge amount of fun. He makes electronica just using his drums processed through a laptop - it’s amazing. His album is decent as well.


NSFK Not even an option with a house full of little kids. But after listening to the first song. Really? “…the dick was too good.” Yeah, just poetry. WTF?


Hadn’t listened to it until I read this. Thank you. It is excellent.


First listen to this one, also. Again, thank you. Excellent.


For me:
50 Song Memoir - The Magnetic Fields
A Crow Looked at Me - Mt Eerie
Morningside - Fazerdaze (some lovely upbeat female-fronted NZ indie pop)
Salutations - Conor Oberst (not essential but worth a listen)
Preservation - Nadia Reid
Occult Architecture - Moon Duo
Party - Aldous Harding
Godfather - Wiley
Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples
Melodrama - Lorde
Two Hearts and No Brain - Kane Strang (young NZ indie guy)

Hon mentions to the Mountain Goats, Jason Isbell, Mogwai, Public Service Broadcasting…been a good year and there’s so much in this thread I haven’t even heard…


yeah, all 14 tracks have explicit lyrics

and even the non-explicit lyrics are often highly suggestive or full of innuendo

great album though


I like pretty much everything other than Rap and Classical. Just don’t get it. Too old, I suppose…


i agreed with what The Black Keys said in an interview. In their opinion, using explicit words is just a cop-out to writing better songs.