Drowned in Sound's albums of the year 2017 - commentary and conjecture





ok then


Just wanted to be another person to throw my love towards the Julie Byrne album, pleased to see it’s made the revised list. In a year where not much has clicked for me, it’s a standout AOTY for me by some distance.


I think I had more crossover on the old Absolutepunk message board, lol.

No Mutemath? no Pain of Salvation? no Everything Everything? no 22? no SikTh?

Do you even listen to technical music?

I wasn’t aware of the new Public Service Broadcasting album which I will have check out at least, thanks!


Have you even heard of sting?


What kind of weird fever dream is this AOTY list?


I had to CTRL+F Richard Dawson cause I assumed I’d missed it on the scan. It ain’t there though. Think you’ve been hacked mate.


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I’ve seen a lot of ropes in my time, but I’ve @Nagasena_Noose


*Almost Everything Everything


We’ve all got friends


prove it



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great bunch of lads





Both Valerie June albums are simply amazing. I saw her at The Scala and her Rough Trade East gig this year. I only got into her accidentally after thinking the new album cover is nice online and so I checked her music out. So glad I did.

I’m also an oldguy. You’re right. One of the best of the year. Easily in my top 5.


Such a wonderful record indeed and it would have totally gone under my radar if it hadn’t been for your album of the month threads! Thanks again for bringing it to my attention!


Thank you sincerely for the message.
I’m glad you like the album.

These forums do their “job”. A few years ago a use posted Desperate Journalist as one of their top albums of the month. Never heard of them but liked their band name. Love the band and all their releases.


i still like Post-Nothing a lot but the new one did very little for me tbh