Drowned In Sounds best TV of the 21st century - VOTE! (closes 9am Mon 14th October)

Crap, I forgot High Maintenance

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Can we do the 20th Century next so I can vote for the 1995 BBC Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice 20 times please?

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I’m surprised @Avery didn’t do this for the 21st century tbh.

I thought it was 1999 tbf. Yeah I probably should have included it.

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He still hasn’t watched it all the way through because he’s an arse.

That doesn’t exactly disqualify it as far as I can tell :wink:

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God he’s such an arse parsnip.
Ban him imho.

everything I voted for was 21st century. I would NEVER be so impertinent as to disobey such a stringent time criterion.

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“The Weather” :thinking:

I told you, I was talking about the reboot! although actually that happened in May 2005, not 2012 as I’d mistakenly, um, joked.

I think you’ll find Reboot was a 90s kids show on ITV

that seems very unlikely without googling.

Do you remember about when they had Doughnut flavoured Skips as part of a tie-in with CITV’s Reboot?

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Is this still open?

If so…

1 The Wire
2 The Sopranos
3 Deadwood
4 Bojack Horseman
5 Mad Men
6 Breaking Bad
7 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
8 Game of Thrones
9 Better Call Saul
10 The Thick of It
11 Curb Your Enthusiasm
12 Atlanta
13 Rick and Morty
14 Succession
15 Boardwalk Empire
16 Arrested Development
17 Fargo
18 The Handmaid’s Tale
19 Chernobyl
20 Peep Show
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Ah mate… about an hour too late, sorry :frowning:

d’oh! nevermind

oh yeah I forgot that. I was thinking of the endlessly recycled stand up and that talent show send up he did.

Eastbound and Toast are really decent shouts!

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We caught the end of one the other week.

I said “fuckloads of semiquavers, probably Mozart”, and it was, and now my girlfriend and her mum think I’m a super genius.

I’ll take it.