Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳

Hello and welcome to the Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle :tada:

We’ve raised £1150.69 from 83 people and have 66 different prizes on offer (90+ total)

Before I explain the raffle process I want to remind you all that the money is there for anyone to use should they need it for anything this festive season and beyond - that is the whole reason for starting this thing, so please no one hesitate if you need a little financial assistance :slight_smile:

Also, donating to the fund doesn’t stop with this - you can still put money into the bank account any time and I want to say a thank to all our regular/semi-regular donors who have kept the fund going since it started.

More thanks to @anon82218317 and @anon26275971 for massive organisational support and also @ynot for stats and along with the other committee members helping form this and check things along the way. Sorry anyone else who has helped if I have forgot to add you here x

Everyone who donated a prize is incredible too, can’t believe the range of amazing things people came up with so thank you for contributing :heart:

Down to business then!

  • Tickets will be drawn at random from the tombola and winners will be assigned the highest prize still available from their preference list.
  • In the event of there being no prizes left on a persons list I will refer to the poll in yesterday’s thread which asked if people wanted to be skipped or contacted about choosing another prize (if you didn’t vote in the poll I will do the latter as default). I will continue drawing while waiting for responses otherwise this could last forever.
  • Tickets will be drawn until all prizes are allocated. This may be a very long process but :crossed_fingers: it’ll be finished today. I’ll need to break for things but will let you know when the raffle is paused.

Ok, shall we get this started? Good luck everyone :grinning:



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watching the live stream on insta


I’m giddy

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i think so

my phone just gave me a message saying it was happening.


That was great



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Between this and dismas I love this time of year


Prize Winner no.1


Prize: @friendofthenight’s £160 of DVDs/Blu-rays (1/2 available).


reports coming in that @bugduv and @Jeremys_Iron have stormed raffle HQ demanding the whereabouts of the marckee like. we’ll update you when we have more news, but very distressing scenes here.


Looks like Max has got himself a bargain.


Live stream has finished but js uploading if anyone wants to see it in a bit :+1:


Gonna be Like City in this thread, and @anon89873996’s the mayor!


I need to see the like upfront or no deal!

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glad i managed to get one (1) bit of work done before this started

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Who? :wink:

looking forward to the new dvd section at www.bargainmax.co.uk


My desk is in the direct eyeline of my manager and my manager’s manager in an area with poor mobile reception, this is not a good day for me.

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I couldn’t get into the livestream until like 30 seconds after it was done. Curse you technology!

Good stuff though :smiley: