Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


we’re only about 20% of the way through aren’t we?

this is so bloody great


the real prize were the prizes we won along the way


Prize no. 19

217 @The_Excession

Prize: 64 Adopt an animal at Marwell zoo courtesy of @twentynine





(congrats e)


Oh my god, this is perfect. My number one choice. My daughter has had a rough year, I’m going to pick the animal with the highest eye to face ratio, adopt it and give it to her for Christmas. She will have to mopped off the floor.

POTW Nominations 30/11/18 - 07/12/18
POTW Vote 30/11/18 - 07/12/18


Hope she likes spiders


oh my this is lovely




Honestly a bit choked up.


Will you let us know who you adopt?


I think 3 of my top 5 are still out there for the winning - genuinely getting tense every time I see @Flashinglight is replying!




so many people getting their number ones :heart:


Order accepted and placed!


This is so so so lovely


Yeah spiders get to me like that too.

(This is amazing so pleased for you :hearts:)




could call it “ol”