Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


Ten people without prizes, 12 prizes left but some are a bit niche like proofreading. Reckon I/we can russle up a couple of extra things so everyone gets something (even more postcards from other international DiSers?)


Pure howling imaging myself being like can you do my armpits too?


deffo! bump my prize allocation up to 8!


I will offer a gift box from Aberystwyth of snacks and tat, no booze (need to know any dietary reqs by Sat).

Delivery to anywhere in Europe.


I can do a joke book/thread almanac as a separate prize


this goes to the top of my list please fl


That is my number one priority if I get drawn again.


me too


How many pages will just say “Pass and move it’s the Liverpool groove” over and over again? Lots, I hope.


I will totally nick someone else’s idea and donate £20 to a charity of the winner’s choice.

I would offer a jar of piccalilli but they’ve all been allocated now



As an additional prize I will never like a particular user of YOUR CHOOSING ever, ever again.




just told my date i’m gonna be 10 mins late but i don’t think i’m gonna be around for the end of this :frowning:


If you’re still looking for prizes I can put together a small box of stuff from Leeds market


Sorry, having trouble with this tail end!


no problem! will just mean that when the date is over and i come back to my cold and empty apartment all alone that i have something to look forward to :smiley:


I can offer a voucher for two to a wine tasting class that one of my atds does - it’s in Greenwich. If the winners aren’t LME then I can have her recommend some nice wine that I’ll order and send instead.

I’ll also make/write a couple of mini zines about any topic, if anyone’s interested in that(doubtful)


Ok, so extra prizes offered:
@colinzealuk Aberystwyth snack box
@jordan_229 thread almanac/joke book
@AcceptanceIII £20 charity donations
@ghostpony extra postcards
@carmen Leeds market goodies
@sheeldz extra map
@dingaling wine prize and/or mini-zines

This is really great and incredible but now I need to work out the best way to do this with the remaining prizes and remaining prizeless users.


Shall I give the prizeless users with nothing left on their lists first pick of the extra prizes?