Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


I’d happily offer a prize, but I’m skint and my only skills are typing/proofreading (I guess I could do a transcript of anything anyone wanted) or making kind of rubbish music, and there’s already typing prizes and better musical prizes! You’ve done an amazing job of this, absolutely awesome, totally brightened December up.


(walk in here from the thread they landed here in)

ROSCOE: Congratulations @AphexTwinkletoes for your victory

MARLON: Manches will probably PM you later on about sending you our story

ROSCOE: Yes, but for now we would like to soak in the atmosphere

ROSCOE and MARLON walk around in weird circles, kinda stroking greenery and that with a look of fascination on their faces


Ah sorry if it’s too much save mine for next year!


Yeah, I think that’s fair.


Well, I can draw @stupidsexyflanders remaining proofreads from the interested people! Three available.

They have been drawn from the remaining interested parties to:


My donation care of @Bamnan . I did put “care of bamnans real name” but it hasn’t shown up.


thank you very much x


Haven’t you heard? No handed’s cool now. Also I’ve always been able to eat on the bike, obviously.


Papergirls vol. 1 donated by @shrewbie will go to the only person who had it down on their list who was as yet prizeless:



Yessss such a good prize! Only reason I didn’t put it is cos I already own it


also btw @Flashinglight you’re an absolute hero


Not even sure what it is! :smiley:


Prize 40 @Scout’s Basque Burned Cheesecake is provisionally won by @incandenza.


that was on my list too, enjoy!


A bonus map from @sheeldz is on its way to @blimeycharlie who has it right up the top of his list bit didn’t have the luck of the draw.


I might ask my podcast to be an audio equivalent of a map


hope you like The Streets baby


Actually I feel bad, there must be someone who wants it more than me. You can reallocate it of you like x


I really wanted this cause I wanted something that shrewbie had had


I will PM the badge winners tomorrow! :star::star::star::star::star: