Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


My big quandary: @he_2 should I just allocate your remaining haircuts to the only two females left with it on your list?


Whoop! Massively chuffed with this! Cheers @sheeldz


If you like? You were also down for postcards, would you like those or to go into the realm of new prizes?


Happy to offer, one of the prizes marckee doesn’t want too.


also now I’m home from work



Users yet to win a prize: @shinymcshine, @chintzylacroix, @tuna, @hankscorpio, @harru, and @elthamsmateowen

Newly offered prizes/last left:
jordan_229 - thread almanac/joke book
AcceptanceIII - £20 charity donation
ghostpony - Toronto postcards with haiku
carmen - Leeds market goodies
dingaling - wine prize and/or mini-zines
Stupidsexyflanders - Stockholm postcards

I count that as six prizes left (actually more with extra postcards) and six users… is there any possible way you could agree among yourselves who gets what? Or should I appoint an arbiter? As much as I hate not getting quite to the end I am finally flagging and this is so off script I wasn’t ready for it.




Yes! Had been a little disappointed no one followed up your suggestion, but manches delivers :grinning:


I’d suggest first come, first served on what’s left - whoever gets here first gets first dibs and so on.


In that case I call dibs on the old snackbox!
I like snacks and I like boxes and I grew up in Wales.


I would quite like the charity donation because I’m wholesome af.


Done and done. @McGarnagle gets @colinzealuk’s snackbox!


And now I look bad.


I’ve not read the whole thread but can do £30 to a charity of a DiSer’s choice as a prize


Sure thing chintzy :slight_smile:

You @AcceptanceIII can sort that out :+1:


It is ok, we have ended up with just the right number of prizes thanks though :slight_smile:



Edit: forgot to say a big thanks to all the people for extra donations :heart:


Aww no problem. Work has been nuts the last few weeks, and I’ve been travelling and ill so I feel bad about not taking part. I’ll stick some cash into the hardship fund instead.


Sorry, doing bedtime storytime. If there’s only two females on the list then yes, you can allocate away. If there are guys who wanted the prize for AN Other, am more than happy to extend the offer :blush:


NP - I spent ages trying to come up with something and couldn’t think of anything I figured people would want and suddenly realised with your post that I could do this as I’m heading up there this weekend.