Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


Awesome choice, @chintzylacroix!
Just let me know your chosen charity and I’ll sort it


Ok then, the final @he_2 female haircuts are won by @slicky and @plasticniki :haircut_woman:


Hope people are ok with this way of allocating the tail end of things?





@he_2 I’m not accepting a free haircut from you fyi


I always wanted to know this recipe! :blush:


@Flashinglight you dedication to the cause throughout, but especially today, was incredible!! Well done. You have made so many people soooooo happy!!


We all :cupid: you @Flashinglight!


Well, well well

this is a lot to take in all in one go…

despite not being able to log on and post I followed this thread the entire day at work on my phone and I’m just in awe of this community and especially of course @Flashinglight :heart: :heart: :heart:

Prizes then. Firstly the one I won. @scout …I dunno if the Manchester DiS State gig is going to be a goer for me. I have an interview for a promotion next Tuesday so I’ll maybe know more after that. Either way I WILL come to Manchester before the end of 2019 so I hope the deal stands for a while (though obv is would be ideal if I could come to the gig so…we’ll see). Literally can’t wait to meet you though - that’s a massive prize in itself :heart:

as for the prizes I donated; Well pleased that @sheeldz won the vinyl, seems only fitting seeing as he’s been a champion of my stuff on his podcast from day 1 :heart: PM me your address blud!

@shrewbie :heart: are you ready for ploppy kex? PM me your address & any dietary requirements/allergies and I’ll mail you a bundle this weekend

and so… @Juke :heart:
the song - It was originally my idea that I would write a song for, indeed about, a DiSser rather than with a DiSser but this could be interesting - let’s confer on where we could take this. PM me a list of your top 10-20 songs of all time and we can start there. Maybe we should even blog the process as a thread or something. What does DiS think?

Again, amazing stuff all round and not least in the form of a whole bunch of prizes seemingly going to the perfect recipients - serendipity indeed.

So great to be part of this community. @sean - you should be ruddy, bloody proud - everyone else in here should be too

absolutely amazing stuff :heart: :heart: :heart:


Phenomenal job @Flashinglight and my shift at work has just finished. Perfect timing.


Great post man!!


Cheers, lads x


No expiry so whenever suits you :blush:




Other than sorting out coordinating winners of anonymous prizes with the prize givers*, I’m leaving this all to you guys to sort out between yourselves but if anyone has any issues feel free to ask me for help :+1:

*this’ll probably be done tomorrow.


It doesn’t really seem fair to reallocate me anything,was my fault for doing the list in a hurry :slight_smile: if anyone wants to take this well-recommended book off me then DM me or reply here x


Yay I won! If @colon_closed_bracket isnt fussed then I’m happy to send it to whoever wants it. please don’t make me choose


Brilliant. That’s ideal.


Your next up would have been a @ghostpony postcard and she had a few left, you should have one of those :slight_smile:


Yeah i really love this album, jealous that you live with him. Does he still do music stuff?