Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


Woo my undercut may finally get undercut. :smile:


Awesome! I’ll drop you a PM shortly, once the kids are in bed :slight_smile:


You might have to accept £12 worth of beers in lieu then :wink:


Yeah, out of the things in my list this was the thing I secretly covetted the most. Big love. I’ll pm shortly.


Sounds good :slight_smile:


The cheesecake is HUGE by the way. Could be another thing I combine with the Disintegration gig if you’re going (and want to share…obviously if you want the whole thing I wholeheartedly support that!)


Hey, sorry I’ve not seen this thread for a few hours - this is such a lovely gesture those who have donated extra, thank you! If this has become a first come first served then I would be very very happy to see what @Carmen curates from Leeds market :heart_eyes:!

e: Also ditto everyone else - thanks a million FL and helpers, you’ve done something really incredible here


Ok then, @tuna gets some cool stuff from Leeds market selected by @carmen



PM me any dietary stuff and I’ll scope out the market this weekend


I’ll eat anything :yum:


I make it that it’s now TEN HOURS since this thread started, and @Flashinglight is still going. An absolutely Herculean effort


It has been, I haven’t even had a nap! I usually have a nap.

I haven’t left this thread since it started, did the rest of DiS carry on as normal?

If anyone sees me on here after 10pm please tell me to go to bed.


Good, non-fancy wine apps?

Including tuna?


I will add my thanks to @Flashinglight and the people who’ve pitched in to help. You’ve done such an awesome job, and hopefully all the money will help a lot of people out to have less stressful Christmases.

Chuffed to bits to have won one of @sheeldz maps. Gotta choose where I want now.


Shall I pair you up with @dingaling then for your prize?

Edit: I’m going to say yes.




I knew it would be eMo :heart:


Whittling it down.


touche Mr Tuna.

I was hoping you’d say yes and then I could call you a cannibal.