Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


He does. Totally different though.


paging @TheWza


@Flashinglight you are a brilliant human and we owe you 10 hours each of hard graft (I don’t know where you live but any time we’re in the same place as each other I will happily babysit for you!)




Going to be my avatar once I get the chance to crop it a bit :+1:


Sorry, I’ve been busy all day. Do I need to do something? :grin:


yeah, choose a prize!


Unfortunately everything on your list was gone when you were drawn, the following prizes are left if you would like to choose one :slight_smile:


gonna seriously up my game for next year. cracks knuckles


There were lots of people interested in your postcards gp, mostly lower on lists though I guess where they were a smaller prize.


Toronto postcards please.


yaaaaaaaaas right choice m9


Do I need to fly to Toronto to get them?


it’s your lucky day!!!

the prize comes with postage included :star_struck:


Forgot to add, when I was sat at work watching this thread and @dingaling posted

I literally said out loud “the 69 is mine”

and hey presto

spooky also that Dingaling won 68

what a cosmic day/thread


I am going! baked cheesecake and bleepy bloop music made and watched by DiSers. lovely combo, that.


Cannot believe the amount of cool little coincidences that happened in the timings of things and who got to win some of the prizes. Really made up about some of them :slight_smile:


I’m incredibly proud of @Flashinglight, btw. she has always been totally excellent, but I’m so happy that so many people are witnessing how excellent she is.


I’m hoping @rich-t doesn’t bankrupt @xylo with his fancy beers.


Want to second what someone said about wanting to see a follow up thread/threads for people getting their prizes or some of the processes for custom things getting done.

I am so glad I got to do this and people are so happy :grinning:

Going to do a proper long gushing post thanking everyone tomorrow but for now, goodnight :sleeping_bed: