Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


So am I


You’ve been amazing throughout this whole idea (and @tricklenipple @DarwinBabe @ynot and everyone else). It’s been utterly compelling and brilliant to witness what’s happened today. Seriously one of the best things that has ever happened on these boards. And raised a substantial amount of money for another wonderful idea.

Well done, thank you, and we all love you :heart_eyes:


Ooo fabulous!


I am going to do posts on the maps, if the owners are happy with that.


My fave bit of synergy:


I’ll make 2 in that case :pray:


so, so pleased i put this at the top of my list :grinning: best fiver i ever spent


Hello!! I wasn’t able to participate in this, but I just wanted to reiterate how incredible this thread is, there’s so many fantastic prizes!! @Flashinglight is wonderful :blush: XXXX


I’m so chuffed with my prizes

thank you @Flashinglight

santa is real!!!




@Flashinglight just liked my post, we love you but it’s gone 10, go to bed :heart:


But has marckee?


only a matter of time. i expect he’s saving it for a friday pet selfie


Going to reread this entire thread now to cap off a truly excellent day. Also @weeber @Kallgeese @ynot @infinite_jest and I need to pick a badge for our exclusive badge crew. What’s it gonna be pals?


I know this has already been said many times, but seriously @Flashinglight this is absolutely incredible. Whenever you’re feeling low please check in on this thread and realise how happy you’ve made so many people. This goes out to all the rainy day fund crew and everyone who’s donated and/or brought a ticket. Fuck the rolling facism thread: this is its antithesis. Xxx


Need a rolling Flashism thread, when people are nice like @Flashinglight :slight_smile:.


‘Badge Cunts’


Yeah that’ll do nicely.


You are all so amazing.

I was in meetings all day yesterday and only got home at 11pm (and will be today too) so absolutely gutted I couldn’t be here to watch it unfold/be more involved, but i can see how much work was put in and honestly thank you so much to everyone involved in making it happen/donating prizes (bit disappointed I didnt get to contribute/have nothing to offer there!).

Not least thanks @flashinglight for going to all this effort on the thread alone - let alone everything else it took to organise.



A decent and well deserved week’s work.


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