Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


More ridiculously good timing, look what got delivered this morning:

YOU GUYS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

You didn’t need ro do that, that is so generous, thank you :grinning:

So many thoughtful and cool things in there xxx

Must have taken a raffle’s worth of organisation just to sort it out.



Happy Xmas you LEGEND!!!


You deserve it m10


“bicycle wanker vouchers” HOW DARE



We love you and it’s the least we could do

You have made my year, no exaggeration x


It was the least everyone could do. The whole raffle thing has been wonderful for both raising money and for bringing the boards together, and I think everyone appreciates how much effort went into organising it.

(Also, apologies to @andyvine for just devaluing his raffle prize a little, there)


I was thinking of so much to say to you guys last night but I’m all speechless now x




Was more excited for this arriving than the raffle tbh. Not even kidding.


Love that andyvine will see that post and go 'ahh that’s nice FL got her presMARCKEE IS JUST LIKING FUCKING EVERYTHING NOW!


Why am I nearly in tears??? Just wonderful!!!


You got an apology from me as well - there’s a badge for that.


I was actually in tears :heart:


Im not even in the raffle but being part of watching it unfold, part of the gift for FL and seeing all the positivity has just been so so wonderful



:open_mouth: what a freebie

@whiterussian please do the honours




just scrolled through his likes on his profile. some proper shite in there, ill tell you that for nowt




I’m sure there were others involved in organising the gift, but yer boy @tricklenipple sorted a lot of it out, so cheers to him


How do you think he’ll feel when he has to scroll through your posting history