Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


i assume he’ll be liking a future post. as i mentioned yesterday, i dont post anythign without it going through a rigorous quality assurance process


Really hope he’s waiting til the edit window has passed to like one with a typo…


Yup, @tricklenipple deserves a huge amount of credit for pulling things together.

FYI @Flashinglight, for various reasons there’s one or two extra packages coming from other sources, so you may not (don’t based on that photo) have everything we’ve organised yet.


Was welling up seeing how amazing that package is cause of how much FL, resident dis angel, deserves it and then seeing even @marckee had liked it set me off full ugly crying hahaha
You’re all wonderful :heavy_heart_exclamation:




dunno what you mean


We just wanted you to know how loved and cared for you are here :heart: you have done so much and you’re up there with people on here who deserve a pick me up the most xxx


Totally deserved you did a fantastic job organising everything.



just wanna say sorry to anyone who I didn’t add to the secret group chats and didn’t get a chance to put something in. I’m sure every single person on this website would have wanted to, because you’re great.


Big up Group 2 woooooooooo!


Thank you so much - I only just looked inside the book :grinning:


Like Group 1, but not as good!


How many groups did you need for this?


Yeah, GROUP 1 4LYF!!


Group 2 sucks
Group 1 legend


can now breathe a sigh of relief that i didn’t accidentally mention it anywhere


Same same, but worse


3, in the end. the beef between 1 and 2 spilled over onto the boards a couple of times, deep seated animosity.


They’re SCUM


Imagine being in group 2 and thinking you’re better than group 1. IT’S IN THE NAME LADS