Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


excellent one at that.

Although soured the positive vibe of the thread I feel.


Typical of a Group Oner.




Amazing thread, been posting on the boards for 10+ years and this is the most positive thing I’ve ever seen on here, such a brilliant idea and generosity from everyone involved. As Marckee said too it’s brought everyone on here a bit closer together too and that’s always a good thing.

Hope everyone reading this enjoys their Christmas/new year or indeed just winter in general!


Yeah, but those group 2 chumps…


I know, we’re the best :angel:


I see no one else is owing up to being in group three, aka the elite.

So glad that made you happy @Flashinglight. No one here deserves it more.


I really want to like this but it’s at 69 Likes, so I just can’t…




It’s alright, I took the screenshot already as I caught it on there earlier :+1:


feeling such a mix of emotions reading the latest posts in this thread. happiness at FL getting her package mixed with my absolute burning hatred of Group 1.


(will write proper replies to you wonderful people later :heart:)


Group 1 = Tories
Group 2 = Labour
Group 3 = Lib Dems




Ok, this will probably be a very long post…

I can’t believe how well things went yesterday, things really did feel kind of charmed with how it worked out and like I said before I was amazed it how many cool little coincidences popped up and how great timing of some things ended up. I feel it would be wrong to undermine my neutrality as raffler to say I’m glad soandso got suchandsuch a prize, but I am happy @tricklenipple got a top choice because he needs so much more credit for having come up with the idea of the hardship fund to begin with. Everyone deserved to win something great and I hope everyone has come out of this happy with what they got :slight_smile:

It was so much fun doing the draw! Each time I pulled a name out I was really excited while I looked up to see which prize they got as there was only the odd one near the start where I knew what someone had picked. I still haven’t looked back through the thread, but I am looking forward to doing so as I know I missed a lot while I was concentrating on trying to get things right.

Can’t believe I was brave enough to post those videos, before DiS I was loathe to share a picture of my face let alone talk to a camera and upload it for a whole group of people to see.

So glad I could make so many people happy and give something back to this brilliant community :blush: You are a total GBOL and I am so glad @incandenza encouraged me to post here properly so I could get to know you and count a lot of you as friends (because I suck at making friends irl quite frankly).

DiS has really been so kind and supportive to me, there was a nice example yesterday with some good slagging off of my ex which was great as he was being a total calous bastard to me yesterday and that along with the raffle good vibes really helped me deal with his shittiness. People have so often been so kind and helpful to me though in so many ways and I don’t know what I would have done without you guys the last year and a half or however long it has been :heart:


Also, want to reiterate how much @darwinbabe helped with the organisation, it would have been a shambles without her help and I am so thankful she lent a hand and sorted out the spreadsheets for me which were the key to everything running smoothly :slight_smile:


You talk a lot on here about not being able to deal with challenging or new situations but I think yesterday proved the exact opposite. I know from running AQOS, especially the first time, how easy it can be to get muddled or flustered when posting but you dealt with it very calmly and seemingly effortlessly. You should have a lot more confidence in your abilities to do stuff outside your comfort zone.


That’s all because of you. I have no idea how you kept at it all day like that. Truly incredible. It can never be understated or mentioned too much just how brilliant this whole thing has been. The whole place has a virtual glow around it, and we are all massively in your debt for that.

I’d also like to second your words about this place and the people here. I started posting again at the start of the year and have received some absolutely invaluable advice, encouragement and support here. It’s been an incredibly strenuous 18 months for me and this place has really helped. I’m very grateful in this respect for having the chance to give a tiny bit back through the raffle.

Tl;dr: we all :heart: you and your ex can go suck a fuck.


<3 @Flashinglight.

And thirded to @MartyFunkhouser’s comment. This is a great place.


I can only really reiterate what everyone has already said, @Flashinglight & pals you’ve done an amazing job here and lifted my spirits :heart: thank you all so much.

So happy and thankful to have found this place, stuck with and hopefully grown with it over the last decade. Many of you are an inspiration to me in how I should try and live my life and treat others.

Bless you all x