Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


1000% this^


Yeah echo what everyone else has said. I’ve been away for much of the year but the community hardship fund is properly heartwarming, and this raffle has been great fun. I quite wanted the Marwell Zoo prize but I was so happy for @The_Excession :slight_smile:

It was also really good to see the prize I/we gifted go to a good home.

@Flashinglight - you are an absolute gem. And all of you who put in a lot of time on this (@tricklenipple @DarwinBabe @ynot and others?) - amazing work.

Best concept and thread in the 17(?) years of DiS? I’d say so.


It’s no Fish Puns but it’s pretty good.


Fish Puns had a long run as DiS’s best ever thread, obvs. But the raffle is a worthy successor to the crown. Couldn’t go to a better home.


Every item of this is so wonderful :grinning:

  • @tricklenipple - The Disposessed was on my Christmas list! I have been meaning to read me Ursula K. LeGuin for years (The Left Hand of Darkness is one of my absolute favourite books and every interview etc I read with her she was incredible), and was determined to finally get around to it, this is straight to the top of my reading pile once I finish my current book. Beautiful edition of it too and I loved your note inside :slight_smile:
  • I have a really nice bookmark to use inside it too!
  • I am glad to see my obsession with Ritter Sport Joghurt hasn’t gine unnoticed and happy to be stocked up on it as it’ll no doubt disappear for a while again soon. Also fitting as it was my snack of choice during the raffle.
  • more tasty food too :yum: and if the book, card and fact I knew he had my address already hadn’t led me to thinking @tricklenipple had packed it, then his stated attitude that it is rude to send a parcel without Haribo would have led me to that conclusion!
  • Bike Wanker vouchers, and so much! Going to see what cycling bits I get for Christmas but will probably do a lot of research on wiggle in anticipation of what I might be able to get,very excited.
  • the hat is very cosy and is perfect as I have a navy blue coat, I’m going to enjoy being both warm and coordinated :blush:
  • Looking forward to watching The Family Jams one afternoon, looks very cool (early Joanna Newsom :heart_eyes:)
  • handsome pencils (love all stationery)
  • the card is definitely going in a frame because a) I love the picture (can’t remember the artist?) and b) I can think of all this and all of you whenever I see it.
  • last but not least: book tokens! I couldn’t see how much they were for anywhere? I don’t want to over- or underspend when I go to use them. Another thing to wait until after Christmas as I have books on my list, but I will probably get something nice for me and R (luckily we have similar taste in books).
  • even the box it came it is excellent, lovely wave and fish patterns (perhaps the best sub-genre of patterns) :grinning:

I love every part of it so much, thank you so much to everyone who put in for it I am really overwhelmed by how generous it is. Each part is like winning a raffle prize, and I got TWO @marckee likes as well! I love you all :heart:

…and @colinzealuk says there might still be more? :open_mouth:


I hope the group chat beeves weren’t too bad. You all did well organising this in secret!


£60 I believe, but trickynips will confirm…


I lost track of what was being organised between the two groups (group three was minimal and doesn’t count), but there’s a minimum of one item in the post.


:open_mouth: that’s a lotta books.


Or one massive one.


this was such a lovely thread to read. well done @Flashinglight and everyone else involved


My book will be £59.99.


Sorry, misplaced the decimal point.




hope you enjoy that book as much as i did, it’s properly wonderful. the artist who painted the card is virginia frances sterrett. she was so amazing, did a couple of children’s books. & yeah marty’s correct - there’s £60 on the book card thing.

i was dead happy with the box! kept showing people and going ‘look how fancy this box is’. got it with my bike & i was gonna just cover up the branding but then decided to make it flash.


Sorry that I’m late to this party, had a busy couple of days and completely forgot this was happening on Wednesday. Just wanted to be the 200th person (or whatever it must be) to echo my thanks to @Flashinglight and the rest of the organisers, truly magnificent work!

Dead chuffed with the playlist win, really wanted one of the creative prizes. Will get a bit of brainstorming done and let @profk do his worst.

Gotta be honest, when I saw the range and invention in the rest of the prizes being revealed I did worry mine was a bit fucking boring, so seeing the excitement of @kermitwormit and (of course) @meowington both before and after they won it really made my day when I was catching up on the thread just now. In one of those slightly weird twists, I offered up the prize at a time when I was getting absolutely nowhere with my own attempts to find a new job, but I interviewed for a post at the end of last week and found out I’ve got it. Quite excited to look at an application other than my own now, will be a real treat :smile: I’ll PM you both now

If anyone else needs any help with anything like that then just let me know. Should probably focus on the prize-winners first, but given how generous everyone here’s been it feels like the least I can do. Stupendous work, everyone :slight_smile:


Congrats on the job!


Congrats on the job!!!

Genuinely as soon as I saw that prize I was like “I want it!” so i’m very happy I won that one :smiley: There were such brilliant prizes but I suppose it shows i’m getting old when you pick a CV review over some amazing treats hahaha.

Also weird coincidence that i’ve been approached about 4 different jobs since Wednesday :laughing:


Congratulations on the new job! :grin:




bc I saw the video when I got back home btw, yr sweater is fire emoji, @Flashinglight