Drownedinsound Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw Thread 🥳


It is ridiculously cosy and soft too :blush:

Gradually reading through this thread properly and liking a load of the stuff I didn’t see properly first time, this really was so much fun. Totally up for doing it again next year if I don’t have any other time commitments in the way.


I’ve already been thinking about my prize donation for 2019!


Goats cheese?


Haha, nope. Not from my 2 castrated male pets anyway!


I know what late arrival @colinzealuk was talking about now :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I love it, as evidenced by my ridiculously goofy smile after I opened the parcel! Dragonite is the best :orange_heart:



Look after him - he’s had to travel halfway around the world to reach you! :slight_smile:

(That ranking the basic 151 Pokemon thread appeared just in time for this!)


I will take very good care of him, so much so that I will be finding him quarters out of R’s reach, at least for the moment. He did get hold of him earlier, but then he said dragonite needed to go to bed and put a tissue on him for a blanket :blush:

Thank you so much, that was a really great idea :slight_smile:

Liked the pokéballs you drew on the envelope too :+1:




this is the best post


Gotta hand it to toddlers, when they choose to be adorable they really go all out with it.


it’s always funny when they walk up and give you some random object


Can’t believe there was another part to my thank you present, thank you so much @Unlucky for an incredible selection of badges :grinning:

Terrible photo because I didn’t get the chance to take it in natural light but they are all great! Not pictured is an RSPB great tit one which I used as part of something I made for my mum earlier.

Can’t decide which one(s) to put onto my coat first :grinning:

Seriously blown away by everything you guys did for me, all I did was organise a raffle!

Thanks, I have been having a rubbish time so this all is still providing a lovely counter to that :heart:






There should be a bird without the cardboard bit that I literally took off my coat to put in this package.


FLASHINGLIGHT: (rolling the tombola thingy, speaking to the ticket) BASTARDS IN A BASKET, BAAASTARDS IN A BASKET


Glad you said that, it had nested quite deep in the brown paper and I hadn’t noticed it! I think I might make that one my first coat badge :slight_smile:

Argh, sideways upload.

The Klint one is awesome, think I will wear it on my dress at the DiS meat next week :+1: