Drowning in a Sea of Love (How's Your Love Life DiS 2.0)


Can’t really complain personally, how’s yours?


Great, thanks


Lust life is amazing rn. Not sure about love, but then I am a husk of a man.


Fuck this thread.


From the seminal album “Mclusky Does DiS”


@iamwiggy i’ll remember this


Still not loving police


Tbf, I’m starting to lose track of all the things people have been slow to realise…


thanks buddy that’s one more post for thew new thread :grinning::+1:

mine doesn’t exist but i’m gonna change that in a month or so


You’ll be slow to realise it’s still going on


not anymore buddy. i’ll do my best to wreck your love life from here on in.


We made it round Ikea without a single argument this weekend (“no thanks to YOU!” I told her, on the way back to the car) so I’d say we’re pretty much bulletproof thanks.


It’d be good if you were the waiter at his next date.


“hello sir what’ll it b- don’t i know you from a series of shirtless lightsaber images?”


We also made it round Ikea last weekend without an argument. Then proceeded to fall out driving out of the carpark cause apparently it’s up to me to direct someone how to leave a carpark they’ve left many times before when it’s dark and I don’t have my glasses on.


“Sorry madam, I don’t know how a copy of those images found their way into your menu, how odd!”


“also we don’t serve food, this is quite clearly a book shop”


Too many posts in this thread, can we start a new one :unamused:


YES. i’ll make one


we should have a thread arbitration process, where the OP and top 10 posters decide what should be done with a thread so the DiSerati can’t suddenly decide its too unwieldy and then kill it with an inferior sequel