Drug Awareness Survey


Hi guys/gals,

We are a uni trio from the University of Sydney designing an interactive music experience regarding drug awareness. We created a short survey regarding drug use for people aged between 15-30 years. If anyone in that age range has a bit of free time and is keen to help out we would be super grateful.


Best regards.


Good morning, officer.


Yes, I’m an officer with a university email facepalm. Feel free to contact my coordinator Dr Kazjon Grace, University of Sydney Design Faculty.







Bit ageist so I’m out (due to being too old). Totally aware of drugs though; have the awareness of a 25 year old.


I really hope your methodology chapter includes discussion of the possibility that people are bamming you up in their responses…

being serious though, I don’t think your survey goes into enough detail about

  1. what the purpose(s) of this research is or where the information will be stored, how it will be used. you should include a plain language statement so that your participants can be informed before giving consent to talk part. this will encourage more people to complete it and means your research will meet higher ethical standards. Lots of people will also want to know a bit about why you are doing the research, if you have a particular agenda to push. You should explicitly state that there are no conflicts of interest (e.g your research isn’t funded by anyone who might have an interest in seeing that you make certain findings).

  2. what you mean by illicit drugs. the same substances will be classified differently around the world. some people would regard alcohol as an illicit drug.

  3. what you mean by an interactive application targeting drug awareness. I have no idea what you mean by this and couldn’t complete the survey.

I would recommend working on the survey more.

(tbh I am surprised if your uni hasn’t told you this before you go off posting it on the internet. you’re essentially asking strangers to tell you about criminal activities they engage in, it’s an obviously sensitive topic).


by the way, if you want help with this I would be happy to give some more guidance on research methods if you PayPal me some money. Otherwise, good luck!