Drum n Bass rave on the London Underground


This is literally yesterday’s news so apologies to marckee

  • Siick, rud booooii!
  • Fucking London ffs

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I don’t like it Smee, I don’t like it one bit


I can see both sides of the argument.

I’m all for it in principle. But I don’t like the fact people are filming it on their phones rather than enjoying it or that woman at the end that says “sick” in a posh voice.


There’s no way that someone from Berkshire didn’t say “riddims” at some point in that four minute clip





Someone’s got competition!



only for the
only for the
only for the hardcore UK raver


classic @Balonz


I remember reading about these happening on the Circle Line in the late 80s. It sounded really exciting and dangerous - people hijacking the carriages, covering them in graffiti etc. But then you see it caught on video in 2017 and it… you just feel embarrassed.


TBH I just kept expecting a product reveal / company logo, etc


Yeah. Someone starts handing out Actimels or something.



shit thing for dickheads


this is one of the most dramatic poll competitions in history!